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Being unmatched intentionally

Has anyone ever been unmatched my a character not because you didn’t reply for a few days, but rather because you upset them enough? It hasn’t happened to me yet, but I’m going to try it out and see how hard, or not, it is to achieve that. I will sometimes pick a response I think will upset the character on purpose although sometimes that’s not to try and upset them and instead because that’s the one I prefer.

For instance, while on a date with Angel I picked the option that told her I loved cheeseburgers too much rather than pick the option of saying I would try going vegan for her which upset her as a consequence.


i have wondered if the characters do unmatch the MC

I would imagine that if you made them upset enough they could, aside from ignoring them for a few days. A lot of the time it seems that even if you pick the worst of the options MC will find a way to backpedal and smooth things over with the character before they get too upset. Still, I’m doing my best to get one or two to umatch with me.


Oh really? So, please, can you answer a question?

I read this comment on reddit “I have Jonathan but I feel the same. He just went offline for me and I am heartbroken”.

It’s about the story: Army (Albert Bishop / Jonathan Hayes)

From what you said here, we don’t have that “power” to keep them away, regardless of what we say, not even intentionally.

When I read that comment on Reddit, I was afraid it would happen to me too. But from what you said here, it must probably be the end of the story, regardless of what that person said. The story would end in the same way. Right?

Have you reached the end of the story?

That’s very interesting. I will have to try that out myself! :smiling_imp:


You got me interested, tell me how it goes!

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None I’d the stories have officially ended. The “away for a while” message and greyed icon simply means you’ve reached the end of what content is released, but there will be more in the future when that character is further updated with more.


So far no luck. I’ve picked the worst dialogue options with Skylar and Sam all day and MC always spins it around to be like “Just kidding!” or “I didn’t mean it that way!” and the other character may get annoyed but lets it slide.

I picked those two since 1) I only have three matches still talking left and 2) Sam has no relationship status while Skylar has a winky face status, so I wanted to see if it would be harder to be unmatched with someone if I have a higher relationship status with them. I’m going to keep trying though and see if it’ll ever happen where they unmatch with me, or if the app is designed so that your matches will never unmatch with you unless you haven’t spoken to them in days.

I have so many matches that are offline right now. I wondered when they would come back. One keeps telling me that they will unmatch soon but he is offline. Not really sure how to fix that, but I did make him mad before he disappeared, soooo I guess it was warranted. LOL

Hey there, grapes, some matches might threaten to unmatch you while they’re taking their “break” :unamused: which is definitely frustrating.

Please rest assured that our team is looking into this!

If they do unmatch you, however, you should be able to continue your conversation from where you had left off, once you match with them again.

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Hello, I’m new here and I had a question hopefully u or someone would be able to answer. So i love playing Lovelink, but every time i want to match with someone the picture goes away as if i didnt want to match with them. I had to repeatedly hit the heart button, sometimes i get lucky, most times who i want to match with goes away. Any idea on how to fix this? And I emailed support to no avail!

You can only match with characters who have story content released, which not everyone does. For every storyline there are typically two characters that share storylines (and there are two storylines that have three characters share them). In those instances you can only match with one of the two (or three) characters and not the others that share those storylines as it’s the same story and dialogue for all of them.