Benching I-Rex

I hate relying on the RNG gods. He has a good hit, but I always get pitted against a bunch of dinos with shields so it’s not as good. Am I crazy for kicking it off the team so soon?

I would say keep him on.
I dont like relying on cloak, i will use it is when he is going to die anyway i.e when facing another cloaked indom.
Or against a trago when it has used long invincibility to get rid of its second turn.
He can deal alot of damage without it.
Alot of people expect you to use it so they will swap in a nullifier so if you start off with impact they are instantly at a disadvantage
I would keep him instead of suchotator as you already have 2 nullifiers

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I agree with Varg…I-Rex can be a tremendous asset. When used correctly. Also play him the same way and try to keep my opponent off balance by not using cloak off the bat most of the time. She’s also not great when used as an opener…I find she’s best saved for when I need to go against something I may not have a counter for otherwise, or as a closer in general.

Though, I might say swap it back in for Monostegatops or Paramoloch instead of Suchotator personally. That being that with both Mono hybrids on your team, unless you see/catch a lot regularly, it may be hard to keep both of them up to a usable level on your team…generally better to pick one or the other, and its hard to go wrong with Evade Emu. And Para…she’s pretty predictable in how she’s going to be played. Almost as much as Stegoceratops is.


I think you made the right choice.

By the way, I would suggest NOT splitting your Mono DNA between Monomimus and Monosteg. Both will lag behind the competition. I don’t have a Monosteg but have a level 24 Monomimus. I could have both at level 21 but then neither would make my Battle team.

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I agree with everyone about just picking one or the other for the mono hybrids. I don’t have a monostegotops bc only spending dna for monomimus. I don’t even have a gigaspikasaurus bc I only use my amargasuarus dna for tragodistis. With all the shield Dino’s you have to lure out the shield first in order to use Idom cloak.

Probably not the best choice for you, but i approve. I hate it…hate it, hate it, hate it :smiley:

I had monosteg first, and then put all other mono DNA into monomimus after the event last week and I finally got galli up to 15. I live in 3, so I see Mono about twice a week. I have never seen Galli outside of an event or incubator so I’ll probably end up sticking with Monosteg since DNA is much more accessible for me.

I don’t even use the cloak unless I would die either way so might as well go for the cloak and pray for good RNG. The last couple of matches I have gone against dinos with shield or swap in invincibility so I can’t even use her strong attack as well or at all. For me, the only thing going for it is immunity…

Based on your levels, I would keep her on your team. She does big damage and she deflects all negative effects. Either way you roll with it, if you are not having fun with her, drop her for meow and just run with the ones you have the most fun playing.

That’s usually what I do as well, save the cloak for a last ditch, unless its otherwise truly needed. I think contrary to what a lot of people think when they first obtain her, she can be a very nuanced dino in terms of learning how to play her effectively.

Also…even though Galli is an arena exclusive, I’d still try my best to save up and level the evade emu. It can be a pita, but just generally so much more useful imo.

I benched Irex the moment I had a better option. Haven’t looked back. And I don’t miss the 800 trophy winning/losing streaks I’d perpetually hit. :smiley:

What was your better option? I think that’s my problem right now. I don’t think I have a better option.

Maybe worthwhile to level IRex again if immune dino becomes the next meta along with the DoT dinos


Agreed… lol

I’ll keep leveling to at least 20 for future Indo, but that’ll be a couple of years at the rate I’m going :joy:.

If it’s any consolation, this game should still be around next year because there’s another movie coming


I’m replacing mine with magnapyrotator. When I get ut.

I would hold off on removing suchatator… if the description change to superiority strike is a sign of upcoming change dot dinos will become much stronger when half the tanks cant just clense off dots.

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Will be interesting to see how that plays out. I still love my Suchotator. Even with SS the way it is. I still see Stegaceratops and now Meglasuchus and Sucho just laughs at them while they bleed. Even when stunned.

Firstly I’ve never seen Monolophosaurus in the wild (ok once but it sounds more dramatic if I say never so let’s go with that ok) so as I was saying I’ve never seen a single one and you get Two a week! So jelly. I’d put up with the rubbish commons of L3 to get that.
Secondly, you won’t ever see Galli in the wild as it’s an arena exclusive Dino. You can usually get enough Galli from strike events and special events with out being in the Ruins anyway really.
Monominimus is the shiz Niz your team is good you will be in the Ruins soon and have Galli for days.
Thirdly and I’ll keep this simple Paramoloch out Indominus in. :slightly_smiling_face: