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Beneath Waterdeep, Undermountain Awaits

New Guild - “Undermountain”

I started a new Guild in hopes of attracting some active players to “help” each other. I have jumped in and out of a couple of Guilds already in the frustration of unactive players and help requests. In a Guild of 50 players and cooldown times in the multiple hours to collect the help rewards, there shouldn’t be any issues filling each others collect meters. But often times after requesting help, I would get back only a fraction of the items I was dishing out to those requesting it.

I am not concerned about Arena leaderboard ranking, account or character level or even whether you pay to play or play for free. I am hoping to attract active players who actually respond to help requests. If you are frustrated with your current guilds activity level or just looking to join a Guild to build up your item levels I invite you to come and join Undermountain guild, named after the iconic D&D megadungeon beneath Waterdeep.

Please search Undermountain on the guild search function. We are fledgling now, but hopefully start filling up soon. Thank you!

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