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Benefits of losing

I’m sure this has been talked about before and I’ve read something about it in the past but I really can’t get my mind around why people deliberately throw a battle and straight up loose? Can someone please explain why anyone would want to take a dive? What’s the point of loosing especially in the higher areas? Thanks!

Because they want to drop to lower arenas for the arena specific incubators for the dinos they are interested in.


Sometimes it is cost efficient. They’re trying to fill up incubators faster and it is easier to do that if you drop down a few before you fight your way back up. If they did it at their level, matches would require more thinking and energy and they’d lose more often since the opponents are usually tougher.


Okay. I understand now. It had me baffled but what you both said makes sense. Thanks for answering my question. Much appreciated.


I am on the fence about doing this now. I want to get an alanky and need more Alana DNA which is in one of the lower arenas. I think this is my best chance to get this DNA unless there is another Upcoming event. The alanqa is non existent in the game for me outside of incubators

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I need ankylos as well. Out of the dozens of incubators I’ve opened I only got 25 strands. He’s at level 19 with 5/750 to go. Very frustrating to say the least. That said I’ve worked very hard to earn my trophies and don’t want to go backwards voluntarily but I see why people do.

Attempted it several times …its not efficient


Because they get tired of the struggle, up five and back ten.
Lose straight runs on your time (full of incubators), so you can win when you don’t have time to struggle.

Honestly, if the RNG wasn’t so bad in this game I wouldn’t drop trophies on purpose.

Nothing worse than a losing streak and you’ve got no incubators while time is constrained.


Okay…I just tried it and I am giving you up. There is no possible way for me to drop all then way down to the first arena. My lowest Dino is level 9 and the lowest I can get to is 4. I am going to switch back to my A team and get back to level 7. It is very inefficient. Don’t think I will ever get my anky.

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I’ve done that once and I didn’t like the results… The time spent to drop down is not worth it… so boring… And you go back up too fast when you use your “A” team again. I think it’s easier to just keep trying in my current arena.

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If you keep swapping your dinos and do not attack at all you can lose any battle! It’s extremely time consuming though to drop thousands of trophies…


I thought they changed that with 1.5 update so that it you can get the lower Arena exclusives in the higher Arena to prevent players dropping to get them.

I believe they did, but not sure if you still get a better chance of getting the dna in the specific arena.

You could always get any dna from your current arena and below. As you het higher you can more dna but the incubators get diluted with more dinos. People drop to get a higher percentage but less dna. So dropping to the badlands will give you better chances at irritator but half the dna you’d get if you got the dna from the aviary.

I totally understand but from what I’m reading, the consensus is that its not worth the effort. I agree. I guess I’ll wait for an event or just plain luck. Thanks for all your input.

This is the reason why I would like them to add a PvE arena option. Now that fighting bots doesn’t affect your trophy count, fighting an AI would be perfect for farming DNA. You lose to players in the PvP arena to reduce your trophies then switch to the PvE arena to farm incubators using your A team. When you want to change arenas you simply go back to PvP. Each arena could have a level rating similar to the Strike Towers.


I was wrong. I don’t need the dna for evolution to 20. I need it for hybrids like everyone else. Looking back I spent super rare dna to level up not knowing I’d regret it now

It’s obviously been answered but I often loose a few on purpose so I can earn incubators faster when I don’t have time to battle for extended periods of time. I usually start the match and then swap straight away giving the opponent a free hit or two. Sometime people don’t take the hint and put up invincibility shileds up etc. bit annoying really. It’s not like I start the match and shut the app.

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When ever I see an opponent using waaay too low dinos, I figure they must be dropping. I just fought in Marshes against a 10 Triceratops, 10 Allosaurus, 13 Sarcorixis. Indo happily ate their faces :plate_with_cutlery:

I’ve been seeing a lot of people trying to play down to another level. It takes the challenge out. So I make them work for it. Strike - instant distraction- strike- instant distraction. LOL.