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Besides cera and hadros, what needs a nerf?

Title. Actually wanna know this one, because the game is obviously not going to be balanced after the nerf of the 2 overpowered apexes.

Indominus, too many resistances for a creature made of 2 creatures with only 1 resistance between them.


I prefer to answer: what need a buff?.. Sooooooo many unused dinos…


a cannon movie antagonist that only died because of plot armor should be a bit more prominent imo and doesnt really need a nerf.


That’s a post for later, in fact I already basically did that one

Indom ain’t oppresive or overpowered, it’s good for a legendary, but so many legendaries are useless so we need good ones like indom, dodoc, acrotops, megist, scorp 1, etc


as for other nerfs,
potentially comp C. only faced a total of 5 so far. annoying to take down, but possible. would like a little more room for crits in some of its match ups. but still, im unsure.

legendary armadillo dog. swap in dss at 1400 is oppressive. potentially more so than siss.


The first thing that comes to mind for me is Entelolania. Not a major nerf, but 1400 attack for resilient tank combined with devastation and dig-in can be pretty powerful.

I found compyc to be pretty easy to beat in this tourney, and it’s apparently weaker in the boosted environment too

Shart doed, strong swap in, but can be killed easily past that I’d say, from experience

If you really want to kill all the good dinos, so others can then take the top spots (and be nerfed later), I would say Gemini, Monolorhino and Tenontorex? Or, it seem like Ludia is starting to do a good job, with some decent cunnings lately (Compso and Scorpius3), so why not wait and see where they are going with this…


well i wouldn’t say that’s a good job, cuz to make 2 cunnings actually good they had to give em a 100% decel resistance which is pretty illegal for a cunning, making me think even more that the actual paper-rock-scissors is a bit messed up


i haven’t really had too much trouble with CompC in the tournament. only once when we were swapping things around constantly and i had no answer to something. i made sure i had a couple of things that could deal with it since i knew i would see it eventually. still unsure what to do with megistocurus. seen 2 total. the swap in is rough but easy takedown after. probably would benefit more from an indirect nerf by having more on escape stuff goin on.

Hmm… I’d say Monolorhino needs some resistances erased, namely the ones to DoT and Rend. The best/most reliable way I’ve found to take it down is to either Chomp it to death with something like Thor or stall things out with Lania so that I can then do said chomping.

Chomping isn’t even consistent though because of Cunning Strike.

Outside of that, I think maybe Trebax might (this is a MAJOR might) need a nerf if the meta ever moves out of a Resilient pothole. It’s good as it is, but that’s because Resilients have been massacring it.

And I wouldn’t put Skoona on that list yet, but it’s a possibility.


Agreed, but at least for once, I’m so happy to see something else than Fierce and Resilient on the board. On top of that a bleeder??? Bring them on :slight_smile:


I think for the Doggomadillo it should be a bit closer to its parts. Higher armor and S-I Ferocity, mainly. Also Defensive Rending Attack either needs a change or it just needs to be replaced entirely.

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im loving scorpious. its everything i wanted from a bleeder and hoped spinocon could do in 2.0 (which failed miserably) it does the cunning fierce thing better than magna imo.

I have to agree. Scorp G3 is probably one of the best designs we’ve had in a long time.


Same, but sadly, as usual, instead of adapting to a meta change, players will likely simply ask for the usual nerf for it.

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I’m not sure, it’s not feeling overpowered to me so far. It’s honestly just right.

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I’m joking, I know Sonic drools over Indom in GP discord.

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