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Besides cera and hadros, what needs a nerf?

Exacto yo me encontre a alguien que pensaba que quetzorion era muy OP

That is by far the most interesting thing about the Shores… Everybody already have their SR3, Compso, or Skoona at level 30. Yet they just came out!!! It’s amazing to hear players complaint that Apex being too easy to make when you see that, isn’t it? Yet, we are just starting to see some Mortem lvl30 (mostly the lucky ones who won the DNA lottery when it came out). That’s nearly a year ago already (I think it came out in August last year). Truly, those who think Apexes are easier to make than Uniques are not in the Shores for sure :slight_smile:


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Exactly I met someone who thought that quetzorion was very OP

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It has ferocity counter, 2 priority move ( one of the best basic move ), high critical chance, literally the best on escape move in game, a bitt armor. I just hope this glowing boa has cunning impact instead of pricise impact
Its not op, not weak but strong agaist anything.

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Glad to be instructed by such a good player as you are :slight_smile:

Never said that Magnus is not having any counters. Only unfortunately too few.
Also I am not only complaining about Magnus 1:1 capabilities. But by far the best swap-in Dino should not be one of the best 1:1 Dinos at the same time…


Scorp3, CompyC and Skoona mk2 were still relatively new then, so I’d expect their presence to continue to grow, hopefully pushing out some of the current top 5 rather than consolidating a clear top 8.

Grypo is countered pretty well by them too so may start to struggle, especially as Luxes reach lv30. People are talking about Mortem becoming unsustainable too. Lux, Mrhino and Magnus the only 3 that look secure right now, which is probably why they are the target of a lot of nerfing comments.

The potential changes to resilient could throw the whole meta into a state of flux, so it will be interesting to see what the top 100 looks like in a month or two.


Hopefully it changes things for the better like you said, however this is Ludia, so I always tend to set the bar really low so that way I don’t get disappointed :joy:.

To be honest, Ludia normally manages to even fail to meet low expectations :smiley:

I would not even be surprised if they would give Lux a 40% armor and Magnus a Swap in Stunning Rampage.

The only thing I really want from the next update is a boost shuffle. Then at least I can drop 2-3k trophies, play a team of level 30 rares and epics and farm some easy incubators… :slight_smile:


Looks at update 1.7-2.0

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Me either, i will drop to Lockwood estate and play with unboosted team and could try new Dino in there. It always fun to do and easy.

Here I leave you the whole list of dinos that can beat him or have a chance of beating him and can give him a fight: Trykosaurus, mamolania, diorajasaur, skoonasaurus, monolorhino, hados lux, grypolyth, entelolania, smylonemys tie with scorpius rex gen 3 and hydra boa, carnotarkus , nodeapatotitan just has to shield himself with the taunting shields
decelerating impact until you beat him uff it took me a long time to put together this list I hope it helps you