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Besides cera and hadros, what needs a nerf?


The only thing I can think of is maybe CompC? Now I haven’t actually fought many of them yet, but I think they just need to be slow-able. I knows lots of people aren’t fans of decel, but it IS meant to counter cunnings, and might give it a few more counters. Absorb should still hopefully give it enough good matchups to stay strong.


I agree with the Decel thing. If they wanted to give it decel immunity then they should have made it a superhybrid.


Other than that just really minor stuff. I would switch Diplodocus’ Decelerating Rampage to Group Decelerating Impact. It lowers the overall damage so it doesn’t reach 4500 in skill tournaments (which beats many of its would-be counters), but also gives it a group attack to help counter Compy and Dodo in epic non-hybrid tourneys. Currently only 6 epic non-hybrids have damaging group attacks: 4 are group cleansing strike, only 2 apply a debuff (decel), and only Mammoth’s GDI is stronger than 1x power (and Mammoth isn’t even particularly strong, and probably won’t be leveled as high as Compy for advantage tournaments seeing as you need its DNA for three legendaries). Kentrosaurus’ Group Decelerating Strike isn’t even strong enough to do more than one bar of damage on either epic flock anyway. I could see this potentially being an issue in a future tournament otherwise.

And for WRhino and Mrhino change their swap-in attacks to swap in headbutt to halve the damage: their kits are pretty balanced otherwise. I’ll have to keep an eye on Megistocurus. But if swap in moves are too strong, they could nerf them in general by giving them the same priority as any other move (keeping in mind that some swap-in abilities like shields, Dodge, and Distraction could still individually be given advanced priority). So for example you could distract, dodge, or shield against an incoming Megistocurus or Rhino, assuming you can correctly anticipate the swap (which is a whole separate issue). As the typically fastest class, this would benefit cunnings the most, which is good because they’re currently the most vulnerable to swap in moves given their generally low health.

Keep advanced priority: Critical Ambush, Defensive Swap In, Swap In Defense, Swap In Distraction, Swap In Dodge, Swap In Ferocity, Swap In Invincibility, Swap In Nullification

Normal Priority: Swap In Definite Strike, Swap In Headbutt, Swap In Heal, Swap In Resilient Strike, Swap In Savagery, Swap In Shattering Strike, Swap In Stunning Strike

Could go either way: Swap In Slow (doesn’t really matter if it goes first or second, assuming the opponent doesn’t cleanse), Swap In Stun (if first it’s a skip a turn, if second it sets up for the next turn; Normal Priority allows it to go first or second depending on speed), Swap In Wound (going second makes it so the wound doesn’t automatically get cleansed, assuming your opponent is faster)

In exchange, I would make it so that automatic swap moves let you choose which dino to switch to instead of having it just be the next dino to the right. That way you can create and run swapping teams more reliably without having to rely on RNG to give you your team in the proper order - simply getting a balanced and synergistic team can be hard enough.


From my experience in the tourney, I’d likely say skoona. It‘s incredibly oppressive and as far as I can tell, there aren’t a whole lot of counters. Mlania also has too many resistances for the dmg potential, armor and the MASSIVE healthpool. Speed‘s a bit much too for it being that bulky


Hum well that should incluse dimetrodon, monometrodon and secondosaurus. Oh and also almost all legendaries

Seriously though, why do pelycosaurs have so many resistances? What’s so special about them?

If CompsoC had it’s decel immunity nerfed there would literally be no point in using it. It has low hp and low attack, armour and shields really block it a lot, counters work great against them, bleed works too well against them. They can also be locked in and stunned fairly easily. It’s just that all of the best counters to flocks are being destroyed by the meta, the meta is your true problem.

But it has absorb so most dinos can only do 1/3 of its health at a time. That’s still very good. Give it an attack buff or some other resistances like DoT or swap prevention if that’s what it takes.

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It really doesn’t need a nerf

It would get slapped around by Dio too much, and it would also mean you could just swap Lux in and basically win the match up. It’s very squishy as it is.

Read the comments above.

They used to be immune to everything, so their power is still kinda balanced around not being affected by many debuffs. That said, only Edaphosaurus, Postimeterodon, and Secodontosaurus have a resistance they arguably shouldn’t (distraction), and they aren’t even unbalanced.


I don’t see a problem with Dio countering it, and Hadros (and Skoona, for the record) should be nerfed anyway.


Nah was kinda busy

Why skoona?

It does seem kinda strong. The reason Hadros could swap in and win is the counter, which Skoona also has. But even it isn’t quite as nerf-worthy as Hadros.

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resil is supposed to counter it, and the dio match up is close as well. 1 crit from compc and dio will loose.


So Mortem with cleansing impact is fine I suppose in this case. Having a good cunning in a resilient heavy meta, isn’t a bad thing. Like the only 3 End Game cunnings which are useable are Spyx, Gorgotrebax and CompsoC, nerfing CompsoC would lead that to 2.

I think swapping decel immunity for for DoT immunity or at least resistance would be fair. DoT isn’t doing great rn, but it shouldn’t be beating something like CompC.

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