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Best 10k pack VIP dino?

What’s everyone’s opinion of the best or most useful 10k pack dino? I say apato or maybe eudi since their stats may fill a need for each type. The father I get in the game I may see justifying 20k pack. I still think it’s crazy there isn’t a high health herbivore. Just tons of carnivores.

I use my VIPs mainly in tournaments and prefer those with the smallest cooldowns. Like Pterodactylus, Prestosuchus, Concavenator and Eolambia.
For tournaments I’m not a big fan of Apatosaurus which has not enough attack and long cooldown and Proceratosaurus which has little health.
Although herbivores and pterosaur are always a little bit tricky. It is usually easier to win with a VIP amphibian or a carnivore in a dominator tournament battle.

Apato is a great meat shield though. You’ll be safely out of the 1 hit-KO zone,

The Micro SDNA pack is back on sale for 12K DNA…

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That’s why I love apato. I use it ALL the time in tournaments as a meat shield, although I’ve kept mine all at lvl 20, so up against many tournament carnivores it does often not have enough health to take 2 hits… but it never can get 1-hit KO’d so it still does the trick for me to get reserves off my first dino (particularly with the current AI that often takes so long to attack on the first dino) and at lvl 20 its CD is only 8 hours so I still get to use it a couple times a day. My apato followed by an amphi and carnivore very rarely loses. There also as you said isn’t any other really high health herbivore in the game, only the monostego approaches it, and those can take a bit of time to get a nice bench of.

But it certainly can change depending on your personal battle strategy and where your dino levels are. As you start getting leveled up to where CDs are a concern, then I would agree that the dinos with the shortest ones become very desirable. I’ve focused on a very deep bench of tournament level Jurassics, and rarely is CD an issue, particularly if I can find time to play several times during the day.

But I also am focusing on which VIPs I need the most to fill in where I have the biggest weaknesses on my bench in order to progress higher. I personally don’t tend to buy 20K packs, focusing instead on taking the 11K trade offers in the harbor when they show up. Prestosuchus and Eolambia are ones that I have picked up whenever possible as amphis and herbivores (esp. a glass cannon of the latter) are ones I am looking to get more of in order to get to where I can make my Indoraptors.

Well dang it! I sure don’t need more velociraptor DNA, but with the decent LP points on the packs and knowing that someday I will be glad to be able to make so many of them, just seems to make sense to spend what I can on buying these… but it does mean putting off even longer being able to make my Indos, since I could spend that DNA on getting more of the hybrids that I need to counter-balance them!

If they do keep offering that pack for DNA though I may have to start deciding whether to pass on them or not.