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Best 2 for 1 legendary pack?

Can only afford one of these …

Obviously depends on what you’ve got already but setting that aside thoughts on who has the most likelihood of getting useful legendaries or who has a must have legendary if there’s such a thing …

I already bought mine but I am interested in this question and people’s opinions as well. I don’t really pay attention to gear all that much or look to future leveling of them. When I get something new or something levels I just compare it to what I already am using and if it seems better I change it. I would probably be a lot more effective if I started paying attention to how well things work together. Which I may start doing sooner or later lol

What u buy, what u get ?

For some reason naomlen isn’t in my list :open_mouth:

Other than Jarlaxie do u have 1 missing?

Jarlaxie - last of the big spenders :wink:

Yeah same here. Didn’t notice that until I read this. And yeah jarlaxle is my lowest guy. When I have a choice I alway try to even my guys up. Unless there is something that is drastically better

Ha ok i get the big spender thing now lol. Yeah I couldn’t resist. I don’t know how many times I have read all the books

I’ve been wondering where he is from, I played D&D in the early eighties, other than playing Diablo, elder scrolls series a few similar games I haven’t kept up with the genre

Well I chose Raika, seems to have a few useful legendaries - of course I didn’t get them

Got crystal :stuck_out_tongue:
Bit that’s level 2 now so at least it’s become useful

And funny looking helmet

Read the Drizzt books… he is in many of them

I got the Tommus one, since I want to level him and make him unkillable like some of my battles make him seem. Unfortunately I just recently bought a 3k gem chest, but still had the sense to keep 2.5k for this occasion exactly

Got the Weapon (to level 2, 75% proc is pretty insane) and gauntlets (which I don’t use, have the epics up to level 5 so stats are exactly the same and I prefer 75% to get 75% Armor over 40% to counterattack)

Yeah Tommus was my other option :slight_smile:

Good job.

As it turns out I like the legendary helmet for Raika - taunt with counter attack, great when the yeti hammer AOE procs on counter

I really like the Raika legendary helmet. Taunt + Counterattack is a great combo. Already have 4 legendaries for her, though, and 2 of them are level 2, so she was really low on my list for packs. She was pretty useless in battles for the longest time, but recently I won a 1 vs 3 with her, getting healed for every single action helps, not to mention procing the revive.

Still trying to level the Yeti hammer to be high enough to make my level 5 epic spear the less good option, but getting 200 parts is tough.

Yeah I have the level 2 revive doesn’t work as often I’d like though - would be more comfortable with 60% :wink:

I’ve been using level 8 yeti hammer for ages (200 to Level 9, 400 to lvl 10 which is only 50% extra dmg), wiped the line so many times with fury taunt

Only have it level 1, super highroll item, though (revive in general is a highroll ability since you go back to 100% immediately, needs to be nerfed, IMO)

I think it’s fair as Raika is a bit weak overall unless stuffed with legendaries

It’s much worse in the Halbenet epic, recetnly got it to 7, going to piss some people off in battle…

I simply don’t get the opportunity to collect that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve maxed a few epics and rares but have the bone at level 3 :frowning:

I was only a few hundred gems off of another pack so played about 6 challenges and got them.

However during this time it crashed 5-6 times per challenge and I uninstalled and reinstalled the app at least 4 times

Finally got there , selected Tommus, it crashed so couldn’t see pack opening, came back and had legendary boots and helmet.

Sigh :pensive:

Nice win right now in PVP, had a really bad team roll :slight_smile: