Best (4*-)Team for Alpha Battles?

Hi everyone!

I‘d like to ask which 4* dragons you recommend for Alpha Battles. I‘m currently trying to replace my Alpha Team by stronger dragons and investing tons of Fish, Gold, Scales and Time to level up some dragons that I thought were good in Alpha Battles. Would be a pitty if I leveled „wrong“ dragons. My current Alpha Team is Team Nr. 2, the planned one Nr. 3 and I attached a Screenshot of my roaster if there are any gems that I would not have to breed / get via drafts.

Thanks in advance!


Well, going strictly by your roster, I’d say this:

  1. Toothless, Gloomleer are obviously existing solid choices. Gasleak is worthless, you’ll sooner max out Fanghook, and that’s a better third purple dragon.

  2. Skywarden is worthless against Alphas. No damage, has a shorter buff that doesn’t stack with Toothless, counterattack is pointless against Alphas. The strong hit buff is good, but… Skywarden is basically a 1star dragon scaled to 4stars.
    Bombwelter is awesome. Lifestealing like Gloomy, aoe damage bonus and the strong hit buff that can really pack a punch. You can get BruteWurst and Warcry as 2-3rd dragons, that’ll give you nonstop ability casts.

  3. All your green dragons are bad. Maybe Revenger can be a slightly more passable version of Skywarden, but…I’d sooner choose the strong hit buff, it can be extremely powerful. Still - it’s a 1star dragon. I recommend you to get Barf&Belch asap - one of the best anti-alpha dragons.

  4. Same goes for red dragons. All bad. Fireshrike is worthless, Charsoul - basically worthless as well. Skullcrusher and Tripfire can be damage bots with no real tactical value… But at least they’ll stay alive and provide good single target burst.

  5. Skullcrown is like a slightly better Skullcrusher against Alphas. Other two blues are worthless. Anveil and Tricky can be God level dragons in standard gameplay, but they don’t do much against Alphas. Get a Lightfury. And maybe a Hidefryer. Both excellent against Alphas.


Thank you very much! Skywarden is my strongest yellow dragon, I had Pincher in my team before but it has gotten too weak since Skywarden got her fourth star. I was very happy when I got Bombwelter!
I thought Skullcrusher was a good choice, as well as Revenger - I already have a Hide-Fryer (if I‘m not mixing up names) that is ready to be trained his 3rd Star. So should I rather go with him for the moment? My Lightfury is currently at 917 Trustpoints, I only need one more event for her. I‘ll focus on leveling her if you say that she is a good deal for Alphas!
Oh, and I just saw that the Green Arrows were mixed up again, Tripfire is maxed (including Spirit Ability), same goes for Gloomleer.

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@Wirxaw, really appreciate the insights in your response to @Bee. After reading it, I did a little re-evaluation of my own dragons and started thinking about what I should work towards. I’m wondering what you think of this hypothetical team:

  1. Red Shrill Boltbeak : SLOW
    • 150 damage to ALL foes
    • Increases damage by allies 35
    • 210 counter attack ALL OTHER allies
  2. Blue Skullcrown : MODERATE
    • 210 damage to single foe
    • Weakest ally recovers 40 health
    • All foes can’t be healed 5 turns
  3. Purple Toothless : FAST
    • 190 damage to single foe
    • All foes lose 30 spirit
    • All allies gain 25 spirit for 4 turns
  4. Green Barf and Belch : FAST
    • 210 damage to single foe
    • Foe takes 40 increased damage for 5 turns
    • B&B inflicts 30 increased damage for 5 turns
  5. Yellow Beachcomber : MODERATE
    • 205 damage to single foe
    • 25 bonus health ALL OTHER allies
    • 45 bonus health for Beachcomber

Well, when I say that someone is useless - That obviously doesn’t mean that a 500 “good” dragon will be better than a 1200 “bad” one. Tbh your best bet with Skywarden is to learn to use its Strong Hit properly. Try to save up 1-2 special tiles and when you use Skywarden - detonate them. Can easily turn some ~300-500 damage turn into a 1000-2000m because even grey damage can become orange, and all orange damage has about 20% chance to crit. Grey - 50%, yellow - 100%, orange - 150%, red(crit) - 200% damage value.

Yes, level Hidefryer for now. Him, Skullcrown and Lightfury will do good for you. While both Hidefryer and Lightfury share the same debuff, Hidefyer’s is stronger and lasts for 3 turns, while Lightfury’s is weaker but lasts for 5 turns. You should use Hidefryer first, so that Lightfury’s huge single burst was really empowered, and then the next 5 turns you’ll still have the debuff.

Bee’s inquiry was about Alpha battles. Which means up to 3 dragon stack of the same color. You can not run a rainbow team against Alphas, it’s counterproductive. Removing a weak-color dragon for second strong one and managing to avoid spending turns merging “blank” tiles - is already the way to give yourself 30-50% more damage. 3-dragon stack is difficult and random, but… it can be very rewarding.

  1. Boltbeak is kind of a staple. Can’t really go wrong with him as your first dragon.

  2. Skullcrown by itself is not a core dragon. Hidefryer or Lightfury are - because of their debuff. Skullcrown can be a 2nd or 3rd dragon that you use for healing support.

  3. Toothless… yeah, can’t go wrong with him either. Especially vs Alphas.

  4. Barf&Belch indeed are THE best green anti-Alpha dragon, a very good base. Gritty Sawmaw and Corpsekeep are both very potent options too.

  5. Beachcomber is a great offensive support. Him and Bombwelter make a really powerful and durable 2-dragon yellow stack.


@Wirxaw Thank you very much! I always thought I had no real chance to deal great damage against red Alphas but I think I can build a good „blue“ team sticking to your advice. In addition I think I didn‘t spend that much attention to Skywarden‘s strong hit, that could make a huge difference.
I‘ll focus on Barf&Belch-Trust Events in the next time to improve my green team. That should do it for the next battles against blue Alphas. Now I have a solid plan thanks to you!


@Wirxaw, thank you so very much for your insights and suggestions. I’ve seen a lot of your posts on the forum, and I appreciate your wealth of knowledge. You’re also very good at explaining things.

Just based on your suggestions here, I reconfigured my current dragons for today’s Alpha battle. Great balls of fire, I did 47.8k worth of damage! My previous high was around 28k. I’m speechless!


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Looks like the effect of two strong hit users… Just… make sure you don’t use both Strong Hits at once, because Fleetsleet and Bombwelter have the same Moderate charge, and, looking at your team - they would charge up at the same time. Always first one use, blow a strong hit chain, then use another.

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See that makes total sense but of course I did the exact opposite and used them both at the same time. Sometimes common sense isn’t very common. :woman_facepalming:t2:

Your damage was more likely a result of fighting the easiest alpha. Blow those balistas for massive damage

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Or it could be that he didn’t have Hidefryer’s debuff.

@Talisax, I’ve battled this Alpha plenty of times and never scored that high. No one in my clan has, and I’ve got nowhere close to the strongest dragons.

@Wirxaw Correct. It’s because I used both Hide-Fryer and Bombwelter at the same time. Neither of them are my “strongest” dragons on that color, so I’ve probably never used both of them at the same time against an Alpha, even if I happened to have doubled up on blue or yellow. But I’m starting to understand the mechanics of how the dragons play off of each other, and why Hide-Fryer is a significantly better Alpha dragon than Anveil and why Bombwelter is a better Alpha dragon than Fleetsleet.

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It changed at update. Even our weakest were hitting at least 45k/hit

I’m aware that it changed at the update. My clan has had this Alpha twice since the update. We’ve all been doing better but not THAT much better. Plus I just got 44k again and only got the bonus for diffusing the ballistas once. I’m pretty sure that I only got the bonus once in the 48k battle.

Regardless, @Wirxaw clued me in to some strategies that I wasn’t fully utilizing, and it’s definitely made a huge difference, not only in Alpha battles, but also on quests and exploration.

Damn, I guess I need to start fighting bigger Alphas. 45k from weakest person with 6 energy spent a day… You should be fighting 7mil+ Alphas! That’s wonderful! Meanwhile the update hasn’t done zip sheet for me. It maybe gave me… 500-1000 more damage per attempt if I can handle the bomb. I’ve seen the damage values around… ±200 per bomb. Maybe 500, but definitely not nearly enough to waste a potential turn.

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Not bomb, balistas. Shellfire has balistas. A 9* shellfire where you take put all 3 does around 15k damage. Do that 3 times for 45k. 4 times for 60k. Plus your tile damage

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@Talisax Ah! Well there’s the discrepancy. My clan has never seen higher than a 6* Alpha, and we very rarely beat those. You’re competing in an entirely different realm.

@ZydecoMoose Totally agree with your results!

@Talisax I‘ve battled a red Alpha today and usually my damage would be between 9k and 15k for red ones, my total best amount against any Alpha was around 23k. Now look at this:

@Wirxaw Thank you this much! I‘ve taken blue dragons for the Alpha fight which I thought were too weak because their attacking stats were not that good. But they cast „foe takes more damage“-skills and even with Taffnut Junior, whose Spirit Ability is VERY slow I get a better result than anytime before! And in addition the blue dragons aren‘t maxed yet. I‘ll definetely change my team as soon as I got my Lightfury and Bombwelter is a bit stronger, but for now, that‘s a great result!

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Still around 10k for balistas