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Best 8 I could make

this is my current team with potential Dino’s I could swap out any specific things I should work for?

Well what gives you trouble? Tenontorex is very good overall and I see you have rinex at a high level and it’s pretty good too but with hadros lux coming you may want to consider leveling up mammolania. Lots of people use monolrhino and since you only have one swapper that should be up for consideration as well

Personally I’m not a big fan of Erlidom in this meta so I’d probably level up and swap it out for Monolorhino (especially if comboed with a R&R from Nemys it can be extremely useful). Rinex would be a good replacement in the meantime or even Orion.

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Smilo seems to be my dead weight but I’m not sure where to take it or who to replace

If you use Smilo to counter things such as Erlidom, Phour and other cunnings then I’d swap it out with Orion since both of their jobs are to completely shut down cunning creatures but Orion packs a bit more damage (in one attack but not overall since Nemys has two rampages so it’d probably do more overall damage?) and has that invincibility.

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i’d replace smilonemys and erlidom for now. they don’t quite hold up well. rhino would be one replacement. Dio is also really good.

if you get any apexes, Lux and Magnus are going to be must haves.

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Would you say Rhino for smilo and then would you go Dio Tenoto or Mammolainia for Erlidom

Tenonto is what I would use

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