Best Albertocevia build?

I’m thinking about using my coins to get Albertocevia to team level but I’m wondering what the best boost spread could be. I’m thinking attack and speed mostly but I’m not sure. Any suggestions?

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Not a bad idea after what happened to phorurex :sweat_smile:


I’d hold out on boosting it yet
Albertospinos might be a safer option as it’s less likely to get nerfed

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its a swapper right? id say high damage is a must with devour. then probably speed.


Smells? You mean it stinks worse than my babies poopy diaper lol


Similar build to para
20 attack then split the speed and health to your liking.

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I would wait till the update then if nothing happens boost 20 attack 5 speed and health

Think that’s the best build

10 char

Max damage. Beyond that, it seems like the rest is kinda variable, but as some folks have said, 5/20/5 seems to be the operating build for now. I won’t be shocked if it starts to push to 0/20/10, though, since the potential for a speed war seems pretty high if it remains as strong as it is.

If you are not sitting on a huge amount of boosts, I would not put any boosts into Albertocevia for now.

I mean, just look at it. It must get nerfed. Of course this will not happen before enough players have put their money and resources into it.

It is a good example of how Ludia is adding obviously broken creatures to the game forcing everybody to add it to the team in order to stay competitive. They do not even try anymore to release balanced creatures or to follow the class system they have introduced.

3k SIA and most likely the best revenge killer the game has ever seen. You even will have to decide which broken move you want to use first. How about a 6k rampage combined with 100% distraction (why this even is a thing for a pure fierce creature is another question…)? Or maybe a 6k precise rampage (again, pure fierce…)? Or maybe a 4.5k prio impact that buffs your attack to then have a 9k rampage in the next turn?

And like this is not enough, it has some counter damage, super resistances and can heal :slight_smile:


Max damage rest every thing dumped into health… But be careful it can get a nerf anytime soon…

It buffs before damaging too, so it’s 6.7k damage lol. About 900 more than max attack phorex pre nerf

I’m assuming the meta is like 10/20/0 or smth like that but you KNOW I’m goin for those wacky non meta builds. Haven’t decided mine though. I might not even boost attack much, since I don’t like to rely on swappers

yeah i thought id use para as a flock rampage destroyer but seeing that flocks haven’t really taken off in the high ranks (besides the new Tarbo which will be nerfed for sure) I’ve retorted to using it as a swap in. I prefer using revenge dinos for their revenge but I guess the healing swap in attack is useful at times