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Best alliance name and caption ever?


They don’t support their own cause though because they all run heavily boosted teams. That’s like me saying that I hate DC and still using it on my team. Wouldn’t make sense.


That’s the wrongest comparison ever. If we want our alliance to be seen and to move people to be vocal about how boosts ruin the game than we need a few players up top to wave the flag.

Does it make more sense now?

We dont hate anyone for using boosts nor do we forbid it. The goal is to make people aware and vocal of a flawed mechainc that ruined the game for most players, and try to make ludia change the sorry state of arena they created by giving a way too unfair of an advantage, the ability to buy skill.


I get what you’re saying but it still doesn’t help your cause. You can’t support something that you’re campaigning against. Did you spend money on boosts or do it all for free? That’s what makes the difference here. I’m probably the only person who has a heavily boosted team without spending a cent.


So, you want to tell me that if i or any of us in the alliance spent on cash is making our name and cause invalid?
Let me ask, Is it better to be silent like most of the community? Regardless if money was spent or wasnt, or be vocal about an issue that is polarizing everyone and everything, that made a lot of people drop the game.

I spent money on the boosts because i am a competitive player. And i am not happy about their existance. Less skillfull players climbed the upper ranks because of it, people that couldnt afford it dropped so low i never battle them anymore. All in all its bad. Spent money or not. And in our alliance there are people that spent nothing. As well as there are people that definitley spent a lot in your apex predator alliance. The difference is we do not support it. And want everyone to know that people in the upper ranks, even if spending money do not approve of this system. And so should anyone with a brain. Were we supposed to just not boost and fall down the ladder? We are competitive and want everyone to know that we should be a lot more vocal if we want changes to happen!


Changing your name while still funding the boost war does absolutely nothing. Are you just trying to tell people that boosts suck and ruined the game? We all know that already. Are you trying to convince Ludia to take them out of the game? That’s not gonna happen if you keep spending money on them. You’re just showing them that it’s profitable and showing other players that they’ll need to spend spend spend if they want to climb the leaderboard. Do you understand what I’m saying now? You can’t argue for one side and fund the opposing side.


You can keep silent about it if you do wish to do so, since most have done it anyway. Fight your war by not buying. We are fighting ours by complaining and argumenting.

People do know boost suck and said nothing about it. I saw more revolts and rageposts about dracoceratops and procerstomimus being overpowered and stupid then of boosts being a bad pay to win mechainc.

Instead of arguing between ourselves we should flood each post with requests to remove the boost system and possibly use one of the 3 renaming possibility to show the discontent on every level. Picking the ladder to do so is the place most people look at. If people feel encouraged then it will be easier for the mass to follow.

So if you dislike boosts too, then why are we even having this conversation? We should support the cause no matter the circumstances. Yet your effort is spent on discreditating a try at moving people to do the right thing. Complain and be vocal about the frustration.


This is the game we have now. I don’t know what makes you think Ludia will remove boosts while people keep filling their pockets with money. The only way to fight something is to not buy it and show them that they made a mistake. By purchasing every boost available, you’re actually fighting for Ludia while saying that you’re against them. I’m not trying to argue. I’m just pointing out that you’re contradicting yourself and I’m offering advice on how to actually take action with your cause. I’d prefer it if boosts were gone but name changes will not make that happen. If everyone stopped buying boosts suddenly, THAT would open their blind eyes.


Then we are on the same boat.

I buy the necessary, speed boosts. I dont have time to grind out all the torunaments nor do i have the time or will to endlessly play other games so i can keep relevancy in the one i enjoyed.

I can hardly belive you spent nothing. But i wont argue it. Praise to you if you managed to do so, should be an example to all. But id disagree that name changes and expressing discontent will change nothing. If all the ladder was named take boosts out. Every alliance renamed to boosts must go, it would send a message.

We cant except and demand from players to not buy them especially from apex and tearex, our alliances are the biggest spenders. While we all can agree it is a bad sorry state, not everyone will refrain. Too much trouble and effort/cooperation and good will would require the sucess and accomplishment of that. What we can easly do is complain and rant and change names and send messages demanding change. In the end that is what we all players want.


The last time i spent money was when raptor scents were available last year. And i still have 7 of them. It was a waste. I don’t even have VIP anymore. I’m 100% f2p because the game is ruined and i don’t want to put any money into it. It’s the only way to be heard.


Sorry, i lied. I spent $1 on a casino app to finish a tapjoy offer because i was a few levels from hitting 100 when my casino money ran out. Other than that, just VIP.


My favorite was “MyAllianceOfOne” with the description “Don’t ask, you can’t join”

And it was literally one player. I don’t believe it still exists.


Sorry for the late reply, I just found this thread. This is one I saw a few months ago :laughing: