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Best and Worst Animations


What are your favourite game animations? There are some great ones, but there are some that are also not so much.

Such as any herbivore with a biting attack. I refuse to believe that a stegodeus is inflicting much damage, or that if they were to bite it would look like the “sharp air teeth” effect that goes along with it. Especially irritating when the creature would have a more obvious attack, like a tail whip or headbutt. As much as I hate dracorat’s SIDSR, I hate it even more because it runs in and takes a chomp instead of using its horns.

In the “Great” column: the animation for the running t-rex while you’re darting is superb. Do you ever notice that muscle shake in its haunches? That is some much appreciated attention to detail. Kudos to the graphics team on that one.

What other spectacular animations do we take for granted, or terrible ones that we need to chase out of town with pitchforks?


Agree with you


I love Giraffatitan/Brachio rampage move, hate Giga and other similar sauropods fighting with their head.


I like the running animations on the larger sauropods like Brachiosaurus. It’s just kind of beautiful to watch while you’re darting it.

As for worst, I kind of dislike that the I.rex has the Spinosaurus animations. But then again I also appreciate it doesn’t share the Rex animations. The I.rex bothers me in general.


I don’t like how a dino will recycle animations for multiple actions. For Indominus I wish it’s rampage looked more like this:


Find it strage that the indom only uses its claws to attack. Rampage like Tryo would be cool!


This. I hate that it has the same arm swipe for both the Rampage and the Impact. Spinotasuchus as well, why isn’t it having a bite animation for the impact move? Or Spinosaurs in general.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Irritator-Baryonyx line should have one arm swipe move as well.

I also really don’t like Diloracheirus having two headbutt attacks… Hello??? You have those giant hook claws, why are you headbutting???

And the Jumbo rat sia is the lamest thing ever, it should be ramming, as you said.

On the positive side, as much as I hate darting it, Sinoceratops and Triceratops has an incredibly well-made running cycle. The Pterosaurs are all exceptionally well-animated too.

OH! RAPTORS! Why are they just WALKING while being darted, when they should bolt after being darted.


Yeah, it seems all the fastest dinos give least amount of fu— er… “fuses” when being darted, and just stroll along.

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I like Indoraptor’s animations alot, and also the Pteraosaurs that fly in a circle like vultures.

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Love the new instant charge animation for Utarinex


I think alankyla should have alanqa s rampage animaytion that animation is so cool




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The animation team has exceptionally done a great job to this game, it’s not easy to find what’s bad, but here’s my two cents:

To me what’s the least ascetic one is the celebrating roar animation of all spinosaurid kinds. When they roar and begin lifting their heads up to the sky, the bad part starts with the lack of movements on their torso, although the heel raise is a very insightful design. The 2nd time makes me think it’s imperfect is when they return the position, and again it’s the torso makes the whole picture look rigid, more like a marionette to me.

The bad-ss one is the rampage attack of the mad dodger, aka Indo Pacquiao. Each time you see that you can relate it to the death from the sky. There’s nothing else in the game I find more formidable than that, especially back in the days I didn’t have my own. And if you look closer, there’s some ketchup ejected where it bites and tears the flesh from.(kudos!!)
This may sound unpopular thou, but I also like its entrance. Quiet and doesn’t run amok but you know it can’t be messed with.


My favorite animation is when triceratops takes a hit.
How he just bends to the side like it hit his shield, blocking the damage.
I hate the animation how the birds just poke with their beak! Just grab them, fly up, and throw em’ down!

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When I first started encountering them in the marshes, that entrance would make me piss my pants. In that environment they just slink out through the bushes, and it is terrifying.



I also feel like Blue’s Short Defense should look more like this, than a little roar:

The best defense is a good offense.


Oh, I would love that, if she prowled like in the film, getting ready to pounce down something, hissing intimidatingly.


On the subject of the raptors, how they use their forelimbs for the pounce. Rather than their toeclaws. We do know there is a foot attack animation since the ornithomimids use it.


Truth to be said, that’s actually accurate, since a raptor would pounce and latch onto the back of the prey with the forelimbs, before using the toeclaws to slice into the flesh.