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Best and Worst Creatures!

Best and Worst Creatures of Every Rarity in my Opinion:

Best Creatures/Strong Creatures::star_struck:


Worst Creatures/Weak Creatures::unamused:


And what do you think is the best and worst creatures of each rarity?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Worst creature:




At 1.9 the best creatures will be armor and critical boosts… LoL


I’m missing both majundas among the weak creatures


On my second account Gorgosuchus, Stegoceratops, and Procerathomimus are my favorite epics. Suchotator is my favorite rare, although I still use Ankylocodon on there because immunity. For legendaries I prefer Tryostronix, Utasinoraptor, and Indom.

On my main it’s Thor, Tryko, Utarinex, and Tenontorex for uniques. Erlidom and Dilorach are strong, but their HP is too low so they’re easy fodder for DracoceRAT-OPs. Same goes for Magna and Erlikospyx (L23 and L21 respectively), so they can’t be on my team for the same reason.

I use a L30 Tryostronix (5-5-5, hopefully 6-6-6 someday) as a legendary heavy hitter. The rest of the legendary spots are occupied by tanks (L26 Monostego, L30 Stegod & Tragod) once again thanks to the need to survive against The Rat.

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Agree with ur list except for 1 thing. I absolutely love my little monolometrodon. He definitely needs a rampage i think but with afew boosts for the level im at he rocks!

Monostego is the best legendary.


Common Best: DracoG2
Rare Best: Suchotator
Epic Best: Procerathomimus (if not including hybrids, Diplodocus)
Legendary Best: Monostego/Utasino/Dracocera
Unique Best: Tryko

Common Worst: I dunno man. All of them.
Rare Worst: [see common worst]
Epic Worst: Baryonyx
Legendary Worst: Pteraquetzal/Monomimus
Unique Worst: Pterovexus (Please buff it!)