Best and worst of each tier

What is the best and worst dinosaur of each tier(high tyrant, low tyrant, high apex, mid apex, low apex,etc)?

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Best highly tyrant, tie: Gemini and Indoraptor gen2

Worst: Smilonemys

Best low tyrant: Procerathomimus

Worst: gyrpolth

Best high apex: Indoraptor

Worst: Monostegotops

Best apex mid: Diloracherius

Worst: Stygidaryx

Best low apex: Monolorhino

Worst: Scaphotator

Best high alpha: Monometradon

Worst: Sinoceartops

Best low alpha: Secodontosaurus

Worst: Scaphognathus

Best low Tyrant is Procerathomimus ?
Ok is strong but never as strong like Tryko


Best High Tyrant : Gemini
Worst high Tyrant : Smilonemys

Best low Tyrant : Trykosaur
Worst high Tyrant : Indominus rex gen2

Best High Apex : Diorajasaur
Worst High Apex : Indominus rex

Best Mid Apex : Utarinex
Worst Mid Apex : Dracoceratops

Best Low Apex : Monolorhino
Worst Low Apex : Gigaspikasaur

Best High Alpha : Marsupial Lion
Worst High Alpha : Titanoboa gen2

Best Low Alpha : Secodontosaurus
Worst Low Alpha : Dimodactilus

Best Beta : Diplotator
Worst Beta : Scolosaur

Best Survivor : Velociraptor
Worst Survivor : Sarcosuchus

Best Scavenger : Edmontosaur
Worst Scavenger : Megalosaur

Best Hatchling : Einiosaur
Worst Hatchling : Lythronax

Best high tyrant: Gemini
Worst high tyrant : smilonemys

Best low tyrant: trykosaurus
Worst low tyrant: grypolyth

Best high apex: diorajasaur
Worst high apex: monostegotops

Best high alpha: smiloceph
Worst high alpha: diloranosaurus

Best low alpha: megalogaia
Worst low alpha: allo g2

Best high alpha: Marsupial Lion
Worst high alpha: Monomimus

Best low alpha: Rajank
Worst low alpha: Scap

Best beta: Nodopatosaurus
Worst beta: dracorex

Best scavenger: velociraptor
Worst scavenger: euoplo

Best scavenger: Ophia
Worst scavenger: Phoru

Best hatching: trice g2
Worst hatchling: dimorphodon (sadly)

Dio in high alpha are you sure ?

Best high tyrant: Geminititan
Worst high tyrant: Smilonemys

Best low tyrant: Quetzorion
Worst low tyrant: Indom g2

Best High apex: Erlikospyx
Worst high apex: Thoradolosaur

Best mid apex: Utarinex
Worst mid apex: Skoolasaurus

Best low apex: Purutaurus
Worst low apex: Scaphotator

Best high alpha: Pyrritator
Worst high alpha: Spinotahraptor

Best low alpha: Entelodon
Worst low alpha: Scophognatus

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The amount of people putting Monostego as the worst high apex is criminal. Especially with Ardonto and Thor now residing there.


those who say ardonto is the worst high apex are wrong.

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I actually agree. Alloraptor is the worst. But Ardonto is worse than Monostego. In fact Monostego is will within the upper ranks of high apex.

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rip alloraptor. :cry:

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Nothing against Alloraptor, I like it and I think high apex is a fair placement for it. But compared to other things in high apex, it seems to be the worst.

I personally don’t think its the worst, but it’s definitely not the best. :rofl:
Little bit biased and i haven’t gotten to try every high apex creature out yet. can’t quite make an informed decision that way.

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Why are people saying monostego is the worst of his tier. It can easily turn the tide of a match. Especially against mammotherium. If anything, it’s sarcorixes or thor that reside at the bottom. Sarco’s good. Very good, but not better than monostego. And thor is mediocre at best


Best High Ty: Gemini
worst high ty: smilo

Best low ty: Tryko (should be moved up IMO)
worst low ty: procerathomimus

Best high apex: dio or spyx
worst high apex: thor

Best mid apex: dilorach
Worst mid apex: stigy and skool (should both be moved down)

Best low apex: purataurus or carbonemys
worst low apex: scaphotator

Best high alpha: probably monolometrodon
Worst low alpha: amaragoceph

Best low alpha: rajakylo or koolabor
Worst low alpha: bajadasaurus

I think you have tryko a bit overrated xD

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Tryko can take out the sauropods and smilo, while also countering many creatures within its tier and the ones below. And for the stuff that counter it, tryko can still take a lot out of them. I feel that it’s much better than smiloceph

Best High Ty: Lythronax
worst high ty: Entelomoth

Best low ty: Erlidom
worst low ty: Phorusaura

Best high apex: Carnotarkus/ardontolosaurus
worst high apex: thor

Best mid apex: utarinex
Worst mid apex: Tyrannolophosaurus

Best low apex: carbonemys
worst low apex: scaphotator/monolorhino

Best high alpha: pyrritator
Worst low alpha: nodopatotitan

Best low alpha:Wooly rhino
Worst low alpha:arambourgiana

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You don’t know the tier list do you?

damn,wrong copy paste