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Best and Worst Swap In Ability

I posted the worst ability last time but this time it’s different because now i wanna hear what’s the best and the worst Swap in ability

Here is mine


  • Swap In Stunning Strike


  • Swap In Heal

What’s your best or worst? let me know

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The best is definitely swap in stunning strike. Swap in headbutt can’t do much, really…


Worst: Swap in Nullify


I was going to say swap in nullify as well. If you swap in after they cloak you’re still taking a rampage otherwise you nullify nothing and they get a free turn. It’s basically useless


swap in heal is actually nice to have, swap in nullify is way worse. in the current meta you dont expect to have long battles, therefore buffs arent as important as they were. swap in heal works nicely for hit and swap creatures, and works even better for a creature has a run ability


If by “Best” you mean most stupid-OP-gamebreaking system ever created. Then yes, Swap in Stunning Strike is the best…


I just had a match with a fully boosted (30) M-rhino. Had Grypo, but you know, everything in this game resists effects so the No Escape failed. Got down rhino’s HP and BAM, fully boosted (27) Magnus pops in, then speeds up next turn so I can’t do anything knowing that rhino is still there ready to outspeed all of my speedsters with the swap in strike :slight_smile: Very balanced.

So yes, swap-in stunning strike for ‘best’ move.

For worst, I’ll say swap in nullify since there’s hardly anything it’s useful for (except perhaps swapping in to a shielded Grypo if you can).

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We’re you not anti swap in??? Now you complain against dinos that stop this??? So confused???

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying… Yes, I am anti-swap in… And I’m still complaining about swap in. Where did I complain about creatures that stop it?

Will check. Maybe some one in the thread. But some one made a point, they often swap to have the advantage based on their dinos. But with all the swap in stoppers this has ruined the game on that. But can’t have it both ways. Glad you are still anti swap in. :+1:

Hopefully we see more dinos that prevent swapping. March em out and let’s see who is better. Right???

Everyone forgets about swap in definite strike… sucks it’s only on the one creature… a common at that. (Also, swap in shattering rampage exists on Lord Lynthronax, so that’s a thing if you want to count it)

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I agree that swap in stunning strike is the best, but I don’t think swap in headbutt can be the worst in that case. It’s just swap in stunning strike with half damage.

You can argue savagery or stunning strike in unboosted, tho stunning strike wins in boosted. For the wrost, it’s null. At least heal can work at te end of an ornith rampage and run

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Swap attacks should all be endeavor moves. Not full on tide turners.

Best - swap in stunning strike. Worst - swap in head butt

My opinion:

Best: Swap in definite strike:
It’s a swap in attack that is guaranteed while removing shield, dodge, and cloak. We’ve only seen it on around 3 creatures though

Swap in nullification:
You might be able to nullify, but you’re tanking a hit anyway

Again, this feels so contradictory. The best move is the move that stuns and pierces armor. But the worst move is the one that also stuns and pierces armor, but does slightly less damage? Stuff like Swap in Nullification doesn’t even do any damage at all, and the effect is worse too.

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This seems like a conversation to try to get Ludia to get rid of swap in damage. There is a call for this. So why does Ludia not get rid of swap out damage. Like hit and run. Make ornithomimus completely useless. Right??? Or stygimoloch. People are going to argue, that swap in is no skill. It’s as skillful as swap out damage. Build the Dino, boost it, choose it, then touch the screen. Wow, what skill.
The two seem the same to me. Vanilla or chocolate ice cream. They are both ice cream.

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