Best April Fools EVER!

I have to say, I have always looked forward to Ludia’s April Fools Day events, and this was absolutely the best ever! Ludia, you hit a home run with the Panda! Thank you so much for this! Wouldn’t mind other events like this for other holidays as well. Really fun stuff!


The panda itself was a great idea, the execution of it was absolutely god awful with reams of players unable to participate in the rare darting event in any meaningful way and missing out on substantial dna from a key dino.


Really? It was the same exact gag they run every year; take some goofy, weak creature and just give it absolutely broken stats and moves. Sure, may have been kinda funny the first time, and if you’re a new player then it’s novel to you, but as someone who was there for the first mega goat, it got old real fast.

This time they actually gave out a new creature, which made it extra fun. I thought the boss was a bit more of a challenge as well until we figured out some ways to get around it. I particularly enjoyed that. Previous years were fun as well, but the fact that we got really great rewards this time made it extra fun :slight_smile:

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Are you referring to the fact that the rare event dinos were hard to find due to the fact there were too many pandas than needed to be (I was able to get my pandas darted by day one or two)? I would agree that the lack of rare creatures the last 3 days was frustrating, especially since I really need Argentavis, but I did appreciate the fact that Ludia was trying to give everyone a chance at the bear after they struggled terribly with the Arctacles event in the past. I was probably just an over-compensation for that. Sure it could have been executed better when it came time to overlapping events (which was probably unnecessary as everyone most likely got all their bears by Monday), but I still think it was the BEST April Fools event, yet. I actually look forward to the April Fools events because, as silly as they are, they are fun and a challenge to work through. A nice change of pace IMO :slight_smile:

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That is indeed what im referring to. The proliferation of panda was ridiculous, particularly the fact they didnt rotate or get replaced once youd done your six (made all the more frustrating by the zero communication from ludia when it was raised on sunday). I was after carno, uk weather has been shocking, but over the three days of the rare event i got out for around 12 hrs, in that entire time i was able to dart 13 carno (three from the edge of my range). I was unable to dart any from my flat the entire three days as my 2/3 green drops were all panda.

they should add a goat as an apex just as a prank next year lol

Hopefully not unless it’s a prehistoric goat or an ancient musk ox