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Best Ardentis counters?

Anyone know what they are? I’ve noticed a huge surge in Ardentis users lately, and of course, they’re always highly boosted in the HP department. I haven’t found a good enough counter yet.

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thylacotator is iffy, but can take a huge chunk out of their health with RT (a great deal more with a crit)
Alloraptor. tho she’ll need to be equal level and boosted to take one on 1v1. (and since allo g2 is sanc locked, she’s hard to level.
carnotarkus. with a decent health pool and a bit of speed, she can survive 2 htis to deal big counter damage. (use shield first to take some of that decel impact)

non renders


The Marsupial Lion.


Usually I use Erlidom against them. Fool them into going for invincibility early, then rampage the crap out of them. My Spyx can fool some of them but sometimes he just deals major damage and sets up for the next if he faints due to low hp.


Hmm… Honestly, I’m not a big fan of rending unless we’re looking at rending counters. Even then, our rending counter guys rely on Instant Distraction and that doesn’t work on Maxima.
Erlidom’s not bad. Dracocera’s not bad if you can swap to it.
The one on my mind really begging to be let loose, though, is Tryostronix. Can’t be slowed, and… Well, you know how Tryostronix is.>:-)
Oh, and Thor’s not bad if you make it big. Most Thors in the battlefield are big enough for that job. You may want its speed above 109, though, in case someone kicks Maxima up a tier or two for good measure like I did.
Overall, though, Maxima is really in the top level of uniques in the game. Really hard to take down in a 1v1. But even if Maxima wins that round, if you can have a good revenge killer ready (Tryostronix) then it’s not so bad. As long as Maxima’s not last. Putting Maxima last seems to be a good move.


Gemini if you can level it, Tryko beats it sans mega boosting. Honestly, leaving Ardy 1 hit from dead so your next dino can finish it and be set up is relatively easy

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My Tenontorex likes doing her job! Supervising to take that last blow at level 27 boosted 3/3/3 for about 60% of them i see. Shes lefted open on next turn though:(

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May not survive, but likely to set up another team member quite nicely.

If you go against the grain like I do, IndomG2 is awesome as well. Max NEVER wins that match up. (thought the new definite strike adds an interesting guessing game to it)


It wins If indo gen2 doesn’t dodge. Though since we got the definite strike i don’t know how the sim will go about the percentages.

Actually tryson loses to maxima always cause it can’t be killed with FS+DSR it need another 50% plus to be able to one shot it meanwhile maxima can kill it in two hits
Maximas helath is 5,700

So just for prespictive MAXIMA IS SO OP that even trysor a Dino specifically able to defeat every tank and is IMMUNE can’t beat it

Lol oddly enough it’s can cause of immune to slow and all it’s kit being Rending moves

Considering an equal level situation and no crits, only Geminititan is a true counter. Tryko has a good chance as well, as long as the DSR doesn’t crit. Indo gen2 might be as well, but I’m not very sure It wins more than 50% of the time since the damage nerf and the gain of definite strike on maxima. It needs to survive for far longer dodging than before to kill maxima, and the second turn mutual fury + DSR combo won’t be enough to take It out, one more hit is needed. Even then there is definite strike to remove the dodge and then It will be toast. In the matches I’ve had, more often than not my Maxima beat the indo gen2. Though the indo gen2 did a lot of damage before going.
Edit: Removed alloraptor and marsupial lion from the list, as @Thylo_75 posted updated sim results.
Edit2: Turns out Alloraptor is a true counter as well :rofl:

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Um actually Dino dex got updated and it’s not looking good
image image image
Gemin is now the only true counter to maxima


Even indom and lion now lose to it and if I remember lion had a 100% to win same with indom

Not even Alloraptor?

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Nope armor is 15% so pounce+rending doesn’t do enough, ps checked carno all you maxima needs to do is strike and rampage and dead carno

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So basically the only way to beat maxima is to use another op Dino…, maxima of your own or Gemini

So wait allo can it can’t beat it cause from what I calculated it cant

But wait is this the calc you did?
0,6×5700 + 2×0,85×1350 = 5715
According to this alloraptor does beat Maxima as long as it’s the same level. What am i missing?

You did a count for armor right?