Best Bang For Your Buck

So a question for everyone?

I need some bucks and looking to spend.

What would be the best deal to get? I was leaning towards the 3 month fidelity.


Trades as 100 LP’s = Great Bucks

Not really sure what that means, I am only level 42 haha

Daily missions I guess…

If you are okay with waiting, I would get the three month fidelity. It has the best value.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean. If you are talking about trades for bucks, the best trades you can get are using the apatosaurus fossil.

Yes the Trades.

Not talking about trades, I can’t even do that. I was talking about buying options.

Then refer to what I said earlier. Go with the three month fidelity.

Ok, thanks. A quick question about that, you can only purchase and collect the bucks with a sub right?

See my question above, please.