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Best bargain hybrid in the game!

Just bought these and paid for all 4 incubators for the cool picture. I’m gonna speed them up with bucks.


I don’t know if gorgo is the best bargain, but gorgo is the best amphibian.


Of course dude! Also Cerazino and Carnoraptor not bad. And since Gorgo is the only tourney amphib hybrid… make an empire of them!

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Better to wait until wednesdays discount it’s an extra 5 percent for non vips to purchase hybrids which will save you more than buying them on mondays discounts


I bought them at %10 off right after the end of the lythornax tournement.

I agree gorgo is a bargain for what it is.

On wednsday the discount is 15 percent that’s the one I was talking about

Cerazino is also a really good bargain but I already have so many carnivores in my line up. Plus gorgosuchus is just all around cheap. Even it’s 2 dinosaurs that your hybridized are cheap to get him. Plus he’s a super good amphibian.

Oops. That’s ok. I have 13k left over so it’s not much matter.

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Presto its better because cooldown…
Not a hybrid though :joy:

speaking seriously the best dinos are
indo, metria, segno, gorgo, vips.

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Your def right except I have gotten bad luck with my gold packs and have only a level 10 presto and level 10 of another amphibian. But I have tons of other vips. I’m thinking on selling some more dinos and buying another 2 gorgosuchus’ so I can have 4 levels 20.

if you look for amphibians in the gold pack you can try to wait for the rotation in the 20k pack is guaranteed… that’s how I evolved some VIPs

I really suck at getting vip points so it takes a looooooooooong time to get 20k

well you can’t plant a tree in one day…

lol. Ill save up then