Best basic strike?

Narrowed it down to what I think the best basic strike moves in the game are (no cooldown, usually 1x damage and a creature’s first move slot)

  • Alert Surge
  • Cautious Strike
  • Definite Strike
  • Superior Vulnerability/Dispersed Superior Vulnerability
  • Instant Deccelerating Precision
  • Determined Strike
  • Instant Nullifying Strike
  • Other (comments)

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Alert Surge 100%

I think Cenezoic Smack should be here as it’s a better version of Definite Strike, as well as Shielded Ferocious Heal if you’re counting non-damaging basic moves. Even if those were added I’d still vote Instant Decelerating Precision, it carries Troodoboa’s moveset hard and is such a good and reliable move.

OG Cautious Strike.

or are we just going with in the game currently?

The strike on albertospino is pretty op.
But since albertospino itself isn’t that strong most don’t realize it and the fact that most meta defining creatures resist dot.