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Best bleeder in 2.0

Now that the immunity era has come to an end, which bleeder creature do you think it’s the best for the end-game? There are a few strong contenders like Thylacotator, Spinoconstrictor or Suchotator… which one takes the crown?

Thylacotator without a doubt. Immunity to Decel and Maiming Wound combined with Rending Takedown and the loss of Instant Distraction from so many important creatures means it beats a ton of them.


What @Qaw says.

It is the ultimate tower buster

So thyla needs some nerfing? Or other bleeders need buffs? Stayed out of the pro ”debate”, but I gathered we don’t want epics to outshine uniques? I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m trying to start something, I honestly am not (please don’t start the pro war again here because of me). I’m just wondering if something should be done about the bleeder scene.

I say Constrictor.


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Its just that it has the perfect set of abilities to counter the current strongest dinos (Tryko and Maxima, along with Dio, Gemini and Lania).
Maybe that’s because the current strongest dinos all have the same basic set of abilities.
If we had a more diverse meta, then maybe something else would work.

Currently, the best bleeder would be one that can cut down it’s opponent’s health quickly, without having to tank 2 hits.

All the other bleeders have to tank 2 hits or more because they can be Decelerated. Spinoconstrictor has evasion, but Resilient moves are too common. Distraction doesn’t really help here.

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I see, that makes sense, thank you for the explanation. Hopefully we’ll see other bleeders gaining the needed traits to do well in the new meta or a shift in meta that favors them. I do find it slightly demotivating to make investments into creatures like daryx and constrictor when an easily made and leveled epic hybrid outperforms them so drastically that there’s not even a doubt of it’s superiority. Here’s hoping this’ll be fixed in 2.1.


Yeah. It’s just that Thylacotator is… perfect. It’s ingredient, the Marsupial Lion, beats a lot of these creatures too, and it’s a non-hybrid. They’re just really, really good at taking out anything slower than they are.

Perhaps too good. In any case, it’s hard for anything else to come close. Alloraptor was a contender, but it’s health got nerfed so it loses to Tryko now (I know it’s not a bleeder, but still).

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Aw that’s too bad. Kind of leaves no other choice than to nerf it then to make the bleeder slots in teams more contested and improve variety. I generally dislike nerfs, but if that’s what it takes, I guess it can’t be helped. Maybe just some small nerf together with buffs to others would do it. Though the meta is still so young that talks about nerfs might be a bit premature at this point.


Then again, Ludia does sometimes just let these things slide. Like with Suchotator. They actually buffed it for some reason.

Well, i think Thyla is perfectly balanced, It’s just that it’s kit is perfect to deal with the biggest threat, maxima, so i hope all that happens is a buff to other bleeders. Thyla is far from OP, the issue is a mix of others not being as good and the dinos they are supposed to counter having moves to deal with them, and being too strong in case of Maxima. Since Tryko and other previous counters can no longer deal with maxima, everyone is resorting to Thyla.

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Thyla first. Honestly I’d give second place to Vexus or Daryx, not Spinocon. Spinocon is way too vulnerable to Resilient, getting killed by almost all resilient users before getting off the 3 wounding counters.

Vexus is a nice bleed missile at this point, and can usually get off at least 1 more hit after swapping in

But you have to admit, Thyla is perfect at what it does. Any tank (apart from Smilonemys) is as good as dead once Thyla comes into the picture. There’s literally nothing they can do. It’s a slaughter. Doesn’t matter the rarity, or the exclusivity.
It’s just a bit…too good to be true, and yet, it is true.

I guess what I mean is, give the tanks some chance to fight back. Because against other bleeders, they can and do fight back. Sometimes it ends up in a draw, the bleeder has to swoop away or just swap to something half-dead. But against Thyla… you know.

Smilonemys and Testacornibus might be different, I’m not sure.

Also, Tragodistis is 105 speed now :scream: I never noticed that before.

You’re not wrong, but i think that’s exactly how It should be. Bleeders should be able to dominate tanks, just as tanks are currently dominating cunning creatures. We are already see an imbalance in favor of some tanks, so i say Thyla is what’s being done right, not the other way around.

So you’re saying the other bleeders should all be Immune to Decel too? I suppose that could work.
They still wouldn’t be able to match Thyla’s damage output, but rend is Thyla’s thing.
Maybe more rend resistance would help. It wouldn’t necessarily mean Thyla would lose, but it would have to try a little harder.

I do think that some of the other bleeders could do with Maiming Wound too, like Spinotasuchus. We also need a bleeder with Acute Stun, because that just makes sense. Acute Stunning Swoop, anyone?



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Spyx is crying in the corner.

Ya basically, thyla is kinda the only counter we got to stuff like dioraj, maxima, and tryko. At least the only one that can definitely finish them off

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Well not anymore plus thyla is very hurt even after turn 1, and now that’s it’s no longer immune to stuns the ceratopsians can come in to finish the job, or if your against something like Thor it Paramoloch it can just stun you with instant charge