Best bruiser?

Hello community,
I am looking for dino which can be a bruiser. I am looking for half tank, half killer. It should be able to take 2-3 hits and give some back (of course Thor will eat them easly).

  1. Monostego - Stunt, Null, Slow, aaaaand Distraction. Can we want more? Good hp, and decent dmg. Havent seen Monolopho for a while.
  2. Diorajasaur - Decent DPS when buffed and nice HP. Distraction and Invicibility. Made from Ankylo which is hard to find for me.
  3. Purutaurus - Distraction, Rampage bypasing Cloak and Cleansing strike. With buffs into HP I think It can take a lot, and it can deal huge amount of dmg. - A lot more easier to find than the rest of the list
    (Is it worth it to go for the Carnotarkus?)

Or maybe you can recommend any other dino?

My team so far, and I want to replace The Green Mighty Chicken, cuz of the cloak nerf. Arena 10

for me :suchotator,lack damage but can endure some hits ,the bleed is also good to take into consideration and faster than thor
edmontoguanodon,if well develop,can endure lots of hits and a good swap in tactic if your creatures get stunned to not waste a turn
monostego:decent damage,decent health,decent speed:good in every situations
and yup,depend on situation but carnotarkus is a few better than puru (due to armor) but not against a bleeder

Have to agree with the above for starters.

Suchotator is a absolute unit and played against Thor correctly can outlast it to not only bleed Thor but whatever comes in next. I have even had players instantly swap out Thor when the see Sucho start.

Carnotarkus is better than Puru. The addition of armour makes it more durable against Erlidom and the likes. I see it as a weaker version of Tryko. Less damage from very kind of similar moveset but more from the counter

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Throw in that Monosteg with a few boosts. She isn’t stand out like Thor, but I’m finding Monosteg to be one of my most reliable assets. If you can get Anky, definitely go for Dio.