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Best candidates for haast eagle hybrids

I’m interested in this thread, not about who knew what is Poukaidei made of first


Well it was already figured out what the best candidate for Haast eagle is, your welcome, problem solved, now I am waiting to see Qaw’s reply, because I am genuinely curious.

@Acerglyn deserves credit too. While I did notice that Poukaidei was similar to Pouakai, I never would have dared to dream Ludia would add something as random and out of the blue as Haast’s Eagle.

But @TheProC, you were probably the first to actually say that Deinonychus was the second ingredient.

@Starlinger27, it doesn’t really matter, but let us be petty for a second, would you? We’re not harming anyone :wink:


Exactly, as I said @Starlinger27 I am interested in this and I have not seen this thread, so good for you detective! I am just guessing Deinonychus, because we have seen it before, such as Pteraquetzal, plus they are both new and don’t have hybrids.

I… I don’t know, but I wish that it would be some sort of “suchus” so that we could get a lizard version of a griffin.

Sort of like a flying version of Thyla.

That would make my day!


Qaw was first to find the Legendary hybrid components. I saw it from him first at least.

Hey look! A shout-out! Thank you, I’m flattered. There are so many ways a Haast-Hybrid could go. I did also float that Deinonychus may not be the guaranteed other ingredient. It’s likely, but the naming convention could also be like that of Stegodeus. Just throwing it out there.


Thanks for immortalizing my typos


I think if you combine the Haast Eagle and Smilodon, we could have this lovely Griffen legendary.
Then add Phorasaura to the mix and make this Griffasaura Unique with raking claws.


That would be amazing. But I doubt Ludia would want to make a new model, unless that would be the selling point of that update.


The best hybrid and ¿the abilities?? @Oriondestiny

Haast + Pyroraptor = Phoenix
Haast + Sauropod = Roc or Ziz

We could also do stuff like the Cockatrice, But I think that would be better as Kelenken or Phorusrhacos + Titanoboa.


Idk if anyone’s noticed but deinocherius is also a possibility and would mesh much better with an eqgle

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I wouldnt mind a Haast Eagle plus Titanoboa hybrid(whichever snek DNA fits), and tweak it to look like “Arse” Blasters from Tremors

I would like a Haast + Dilophoboa hybrid, so it could look something like the Quetzalcoatl from Aztec mythology.
Eagle + Smilodon/Marsupial (Griffin?)
Eagle + Diplovenator (This would look funny)


When do you suppose they will mix either Archaeotherium, Entelondon, Keratoporcus or Entelomoth with Haast Eagle…?

…When pigs fly! :drum::drum::dvd:


Im probably never gonna get haast eagle. I grinded hard as heck for my legendary hybrids because the epics appear at dawn, so yeah.

Haast Epic is an event exclusive. Everybody who finished the strike tower got quite a bit of it. (Level 20s got 500)
Haast Rare was in every incubator that week and is a Wednesday Spawn.

You can only get it through events.

The only Legendary with an Epic ingredient that spawns exclusively at Dawn/Dusk is Spinonyx.

You’re a GENIUS!

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