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Best candidates for haast eagle hybrids

The best hybrid and ¿the abilities?? @Oriondestiny

Haast + Pyroraptor = Phoenix
Haast + Sauropod = Roc or Ziz

We could also do stuff like the Cockatrice, But I think that would be better as Kelenken or Phorusrhacos + Titanoboa.


Idk if anyone’s noticed but deinocherius is also a possibility and would mesh much better with an eqgle

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I wouldnt mind a Haast Eagle plus Titanoboa hybrid(whichever snek DNA fits), and tweak it to look like “Arse” Blasters from Tremors

I would like a Haast + Dilophoboa hybrid, so it could look something like the Quetzalcoatl from Aztec mythology.
Eagle + Smilodon/Marsupial (Griffin?)
Eagle + Diplovenator (This would look funny)


When do you suppose they will mix either Archaeotherium, Entelondon, Keratoporcus or Entelomoth with Haast Eagle…?

…When pigs fly! :drum::drum::dvd:


Im probably never gonna get haast eagle. I grinded hard as heck for my legendary hybrids because the epics appear at dawn, so yeah.

Haast Epic is an event exclusive. Everybody who finished the strike tower got quite a bit of it. (Level 20s got 500)
Haast Rare was in every incubator that week and is a Wednesday Spawn.

You can only get it through events.

The only Legendary with an Epic ingredient that spawns exclusively at Dawn/Dusk is Spinonyx.

You’re a GENIUS!

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