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Best characters

Do you think of some characters in the team as the best / the most pleasant to play, and what equipment?

The Cleric and the ranged characters are the best. I use different groups for different levels, so for me it’s either;

Cleric, ranger, wizard, fighter
Ranger, wizard, sorcerer, bard

If I know I’m going to be soaking some hits I use the cleric and fighter team to taunt and heal. If I am going for damage and trying not to get hit I use the pure ranged team. I don’t want to list the equipment I use, but it’s mostly the epic stuff with a few legendarys sprinkled in.

Best character for me is hand down the cleric, you can’t progress without his heals.
If you don’t need to heal / buff you can always hit people like a truck. My lv 15 cleric is my hardest hitting character (single target) with normal hits over 3.500 to same level monsters), it’s easy: he 1 shot everything.

As for the rest, I feel like the rogue, fighter, bard and barbarian are weak SOOO weak.
The damage numbers get ridiculous at a point that you can’t heal through it.
At one point i was using Tommy constantly with taunt and heals but even with Tommy’s defense boot (25%) and bracers (50%) + cleric defense necklace (50%) he was standing with 1 300 + defense / armor against a owl beast that just 1 shot him, no crit, same level.

After this uber raging moment, i stopped playing the taunt/heal combo and when for the: Wizard with AOE stuns, warlock repelling single target + immobilize and the archer with situationnal Line pushback.

This combo got me MUCH farter in the campain and i didn’t get as much anger issues because of RNG.

The principle is to keep melee’s out of range with the warlock or archer (if you really need to) the wizard can save you 2 turns of not getting attacked while you focus on heal / wiping them down. The archer is just pure damage. Cleric of course, i take the everyturn heal (except on the maps with the illithids) defense neck (50% boost, 100% uptime).
With this combo, i have everything on farm up to the second boss of the last dungeon.

You can play this game in anyway you want, but i feel like the MVP in any scenario is the cleric as he is the only “decent” healer. Tommy’s heals are horribad, the barbarian is a PURE joke as he should just be taken out of the game for how useless he is. The rogue gets 1 shotted by literally everything and the bard, well lets just say his skills are interesting but at the point that I am, i can’t bring him higher up than lv 8-9 because of the economy / exp rates and such.

What do you use as combo / gear?

Depending on the order you unlocked the Heroes and the level of gear for each can make them seem underpowered.

Obviously the cleric never left my party, there was a stretch where his gear was so sub par compared to my other “main” heroes. I am currently at level 10 with my mains, 8 with the others except the barbarian which just recently was my final unlock.

1st Hero
Cleric is a must. I finally got the regen head peice (epic), and this one is a game changer. Wish I had that one sooner.

2nd Hero
Bard - is a must imho. Range attack, secondary healing which currently can heal and still have an action which I I love. I have his epic weapon and damage output is solid.

The “dominate” ability is amazing and totally changes the edge in battles. Look at each enemy and find the larger dmg and attack, and dominate them. I let it kills the other enemies and hurt it just before the point it’s ready to drop so I can finish it easy after the ability wears off. His only true weak point is his low HP when comparatively equally geared to others. Dmg and AC are good, HP is low.

Next a caveat, if I am doing a lower challenge that’s easy I will load up on range attackers for easy and fast success. Against stronger challenges or the main quest, the ability to keep your hero’s alive is most important, so while range is nice if you can’t kill them fast enough so you need a strategy using different abilities and heroes. So this bring me to:

3rd - Choice of Tank.
I prefer the fighter, but this is more theoretical then comparative. My fighter is level 10 (vs 6 right now) and and the only 3 legendary gear I have are all his, so he is far better for my party.

Even without that though looking at their abilities I think the fighters are a bit more useful. His basic attack bonus for me (epic sword and shield) is 50% AC boost for the whole party, which helps my whole party stay alive. So whether in taunt mode or not, he does a great job tanking. His move ability to gain an extra action is great to get him in front fast, or move and attack.
His zone push is also very useful for me, I often time it with a no movement spell from another hero…

4th - Your choice of damage and utility. My favourite is Wizard.

This one I’m most open to debate, as I’m not positive. I just feel the lack of a regular range attack eliminates the rouge (I want 2 range attackers). This leaves ranger, wiz, and warlock.

I like the wizards abilities to buy me time for my other hero’s to be ready. The 3 zone no movement is great (only 1 round though), and zone no attack ability are key for me. I use these to setup my taunts and dominates, or heal my guys up.

This party can handle a lot. For bosses I wish it had a touch more damage, it’s still decent damage and it’s good at staying alive when done right.

As I said at the beginning though order you unlock the hero and gear drops can push someone in a different direction.

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I am running cleric, wizard, ranger, and fighter. I agree that the fighter should be beefier to be able to handle the roll of a tank. He gets damaged just as much as my others. As a long time D&D player, my fighters were more of a sub tank or back up tank. Paladins were my go to in tanking, so hopefully they add that class. Unless they have and I havent progressed far enough to find him.

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