Best choice to use LP?

I’ll be vip for a few more days should I spend them on the 10k? What are other options?
It’s a bad deal if I get an aquatic or cenozoic since I trade those for dna, last I got was around 7k dna

2 solid golds

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If I were you I would only buy 10k VIP packages for a very long time and I would never ever trade one of them, no matter if it’s an aquatic or cenezoic.


Why though? Im quite happy w/ my ceno and aqua
If i get stronger, I’ll have a mote difficult time
I’m focusing on jurassic

@Yy4627: anyone can buy the 10k packs anytime, VIP or not-VIP.

Creatures purchased with loyalty points cannot be unlocked, so the VIP packs are the only way to get them. They hatch quickly and they cool down after battle more quickly than other creatures. Up until the very late endgame, they are the best creatures you can get. Hence @Tommi’s saying he never trades them.

Your game, so play how you want, but I would also advise you to hang on to every VIP pack creature. No creatures or creatures you can get from 7000 DNA compare to a VIP creature.


If it where me I would go 2x SG pack.

I 100% agree with @Tommi and @HanSoloWannaBe. Do not sell the VIP creatures. Level for level, there’s not much that’s better than them, super-hybrids and tournament hybrids are all that spring to mind. Compared to them, VIP’s have incredibly quick hatching and cool-down times. If you get another Aquatic or Cenozoic, don’t level it up if your worried about increasing your Ferocity. And at some point down the road, you may decide to turn your attention to Aquatics and/or Cenozoics. You’ll be glad to have VIPs then. We have had Cenozoic and Aquatic tournaments at least five times in the past year-ish; three of those times the prize was a Jurassic. Additionally, you’re going to get absolutely robbed selling off a VIP creature. My opinion, do not sell the VIP creatures.


2x SG packs and do what you can to get back to 10K for a 3rd in the next few days. With your 3 custom trades, trade the fossil for LP should get you there for a 3rd pack.