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Best Coin Generation Strategies

Built a second coin trap. I’m going to substitute in Labyrinthosaurus once I make enough of him. Just created him today after the unlock and with the discount on hatching. I’m working on two level 30s right now in the lab. The rest of the paddock is level 20s and 10s.

@Tuophysis this is what the coin trap looks like that @Predator_X is talking about (the design is a little different for Carnivores and Amphibians because their paddock is 4x4 instead of 5x5). The only one you might not be able to get is the Sundial decoration. The rest can be purchased in the market.


What is the percentage boost on that paddock?

Never mind, I just looked closer. 608 isn’t bad.

I have 20 clocktowers and 4 more sundials on my other paddock for Alangasaurus and he’s only 697% because it’s a 4x4 paddock. If I’m able to max out Labyrinthosaurus, I’ll probably switch them over there since it will get a bigger percentage, but for now Alangasaurus is maxed, so he gets me like 1.8 million every 30 minutes.

Yeah! I am slowly progressing too,I am sitting at 1.1 million per hour right now lol.

Remove the Argentinosaurus and place Labyrinthosaurus there.

I will in a bit. Still making more Labyrinthosaurus’. I have several level 40 Argentinosaurus’ so they make more for now. Once the creation lab is done, that will probably change.

Edit: Nevermind, didn’t account for the percentage difference. Getting about 400K every 30 minutes from Labyrinthosaurus now. Still have 4 in the creation lab. Accidentally sped up a tournament dino in the hatchery :persevere:. DBs are low again.

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Use it for both. Tap and hold to place. Won’t collect the coins. Switch them and collect coins.

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Yes, I do this for my Diplotator also since he collects around 2 million in 6 hours while I sleep.

Ah that’s great, I know what to make it look like now. It might take me a while to afford all those decorations but I’ll definitely work towards it. I’m guessing it’s going to take up a lot of space so I should probably move some of my worse Dino’s to sorna or storage


Watch @Sionsith 's guide on coins

For the Herbivore/Pterosaur (5x5) paddocks, you need to be able to fit a square of 9.5x9.5 of 2x2 statues. So I believe it’s 19x19 little squares. It won’t use up every little bit of space, but it’s needed because the design isn’t a perfect square.

Here’s a thread where it’s talked about with images. You won’t be able to get the percentages they get without special boss statues, so you might have to substitute JHs or Sundials if you can get them. If you’re willing to sacrifice some resources, you can trade for clocktowers at the trade harbor, but they’re pricey if your resources are low.

I will. Thanks

What I do is trade for all my resources.

Example: I just traded 12 million food for 38 million coins. I then buy fossils and trade my 12 million food back at a cost of around 13 million coins. Which means I have made around 25 million coins out of the deal.


Ok so I watched the video and have decided how I’m going to set everything up.

It’s just the matter of affording all these John Hammond statues now…

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As you build JH and increase your coins, you’ll be able to afford more JH faster and faster.


Yeah. I’ve started a temporary one with Laborynthosaurus. The coin trap isn’t as big as it would be, but for now I’ve subbed in some trike skills and geysers until I get more Hammond memorials and got it to over 100%, so I’m generating about 60k coins every 30 minutes now. Good start I think


Yes it is,right now I have only 1 maxed Labyrinthosaurus I got this Monday which produces about 205k every half an hour,but I started similarly to you.

If your vip, your best will be clock towers. If your not vip, then it’s hammond. Coin traps work great. Don’t get caught up in how much your producing early, just have a plan to grow it. Until trade harbor is open to you, that’s when you will need more coins.

Great starter is the triceratops sculpture. Cheap, small, and range 4 with 5x multiplier. Tide you over until you can afford Hammonds Range 6 With 7x multiplier to replace it. Notice the size of item, it’s range, and it’s multiplier to help you decide what’s best for you. Fossil is 10x but takes the space of almost 4 hammonds. So 7x times 4 is greater than 1 Times 10x.

If you can collect every hour, that’s great. But eventually you might get to 2x to 4x a day to collect. So keep that as a long term as a plan on how to buildout your park.


To add to what everyone else has said, it’s a gradual climb but at some point you hit a break over point.

For me it was a mix of hatching as many dinos as possible and arranging my paddocks for a decent average percentage boost. When most of your paddocks are 300-500% bonus, the total coin income gets silly big. Adding more Dinos and better decorations keeps it going and growing.

Downside is when you get to a point where you really don’t need to more coin income capacity. Then you feel a bit bad wasting coins knowing how hard it was to keep them at one point.

But coin freedom does allow for things like not worrying about coin generation on say Sorna where you have a bank of low income dinos. Why waste space on decorations when you can just cluster them all around a revenue tower and call it good.


Eventually, if you care about code 19 challenges, you might want to put those low earners away in asset repository. You can still use them in battles, but they wont be selected for code 19. It’s a later in the game strategy, so dont worry about that early.