Best combo for Dino's?


Yes I do mean all of the epics and hybrid also legendary. I know its random when u get your Dino’s on your deck. But I want to know a secure best combo, regardless of what shows up. So no matter what Dino I got. It would still kick ass.


Unfortunately there is not a right answer for this, every dino has good and weak points, so you need to study your enemies and then put in your team a dino that can counter them. So for example if you are facing Stegoceratopo or other dinos with stunning abilities, you need to put in your team some immune dinos, and so on.


It’s not that black and white. You can’t say a list of dinos that no matter what you got it would still kick ass because the opponents dinos would be a large factor as to whether yours would kick ass or not.

But, I personally feel that a good solid team should have dinos with each of the types of abilities, such as stun, slow down, immunity or the ones where they remove positive effects etc.