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Best combo in 1.7 - Make +7000 damage in only 1 Move!

When the new launch is coming, the greatest deck will be made of dinos with abilities of ”Rampage and Run” !


The Dracoceratops (The rat) + ”Rampage and Run” = Making a HUGE amount of damage together.

We will see Utarinex making 3100 damage on the Rampage @ lvl 26.

And with Dracoceratops making ~2300 damage on Swapping-In @ lvl 26.

Is this enough?


We will aswell boost with an attack bonus!
@ lvl 5 we getting an extra 30% damage…

Total Utarinex 3100 + 30% damage = ~4000 damage on the ”Rampage and run”
Total Dracoceratops 2300 + 30% damage = ~ 3000 damage.

If you don’t have any Utarinex? Don’t worry!
Even in lower arenas their will be great combinations!

So my question.

How mutch will we see this combo rise in next update 1.7 …?
Can we expect to be slayed of the runners and the rat soon?


This combo is so rare… and you said in another thread the rinex is trash now not even worth using compared to the vastly superior utahsinoraptor.

But you need to a) have rinex and dracocera in your line up and dracocera has to be directly to the right of both these guys… that happens so rarely.


Personally I don’t use any of them in my team.
I have them both at 20 and 21 level.

When I played this combo last year, I got this combo VERY often.

Just think people need to be better to make their choice…
Or play with more swapping-dinos.
In other words. Start with dinos who don’t have swap, and kill them.

In the end you willl have them both paired up.

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In fact you will find yourself stuck with a rampage where if you use it you send in a DC to do super damage against a vacant opponent. But hey we have all weekend to find something else overblown to get worked up about. May as well let the OP entertain us

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I hope more players use it and I hope to inspire everyone to level it up and boost it to max!

Then we can play for real!

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Litterally happens to my erlidom all the time where impact and run delivers lethal… and swapping in dracocera not only tips off my opponent but wastes his rampage.

But hey never mind lets let two of our dinos die to set up this combo, just so we can go off about a potential op combo.

Thats strategy right there.


This isn’t a new thing even right now with Dilorach and DC and it is hard to ever get them lined up like that in a place where it works. You can try to inspire folks all you want but you may want to try it yourself first.


Yeah the OP is going to be so disappointed when he builds this team state of the art game wrecking team and then tries to do this.

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Have already done it.
Months ago.

Today this is just following the stream and be as everyone else I guess.

But Hey, it works!
And soon, it works even better then ever!

If it worked so well why did you stop?

Lot of effort and reliance on probability to knock out just one Dino :man_shrugging:t4:

But we already see this in action now
with dilorach and DC.

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Good strategy for strike towers. PvP would be unlikely.


This DC will sit here forever.

Loved the idea when it was swap-in-stun.

I would like to see JWA being more an advance card-game, with matematic and weird combinations.

To go same path as everyone else is not the best I know.

I can admit I liked the whole swap-team idé, If players made the whole concept I could give DC respect.

This is all a moot point because Apato will now have like 1 million health with the new health stat boost. Good luck killing immortal apato


Isn’t the new one supposed to have a higher HP than apato?



Maby their is a point of making a team with only dinos with 10.000 in health.

THAT could be a great and funny deck to play!

Thanks for the idea!

it might come in handy against a potential 9k+ stegodeus. very unlikely to get that all setup though.

Your whole problem can be summed up in your own posts… you want to see this game as an advance card game with mathematic and wierd combinations.

You want this game to be something the game makers never intended it to. You want it to be like mtg… with dinos… and at best your gonna hearthstone with dinos.

You gotta stop focusing I want you want the game to be and enjoy it for what it is… cause this type of game attracts people beyond the traditional gamer… and Ludia wants their money as well. Their speed tie system is already too complex for your average jwa player.

A good example of this is the dinosaur sim games… I want a game with the looks and the story of jurassic world evolution and the complexity of parkasourus. But im not gonna get that going to the jurassic world evolution forums and asking why their game isnt as deep as others nor will i get it going to parkasourus and asking why they cant have better graphics.

Focus on the parts of the game you do enjoy… find another game for your complex gameplay fix… and realize the sky isnt falling every day.

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think at level 30s… utarinex only does like 200 more damage than diloracheirus does right now


Can’t believe it… this is a low key cry for a nerf even before the update happens. Smh