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Best Comp at my point?


Hey everybody

I’m a begginer in the game and when I see all threads about differents teams and comps I just want to progress quickly (without pay…I know it will be long and hard)

So I decided to show you Dinos I allready have and take some advices to maximise my team

I’m level 10 and in Area 5 for the moment

Thanks you a lot


Good start! I’d keep collecting Trex and velociraptor for indoraptor. Keep it up and we’ll see you in the arenas!


nice team, I would invite you to the dark side :stuck_out_tongue: so majunda out dracorex gen2 in :smiley: until you have dracoceratops of course :wink:


Thanks for you answers

I’ll swap Majunda for Dracorex, Dracoceratops is my main project, I dart hard for it

There is actually my compo (with your advices, and of course I’ll accept any other advices !)


Hey, I make an update of my team

I darted hard and I have to admit I took VIP account when I saw Uniques of this weekend

So I ask to specialists what is the best/complete mix of dinos I have now