Best counter dinos

What are the best counter striking dinos? I come up against a fair few, megalosuchus, antro, raj, dioraj, but I am struggling which to focus on to get the best all rounder as coins are very hard to come by.

Tryko. No 1


Draco gen 2…lol


He’s talking about dinos with the counter-attack ability.
I personally like Rajakylo, he is a little tanky so he hangs round for a while, but also takes a pretty good bite with the damage increase from extended critical strike.

Lots of people run Megalo… I just find him hard to level.

I can level megalosuchus to 20, I have raj at 19. I don’t really get on with megalosuchus as I find it to have too many counters. Raj is ok until I get the massive shield breakers, plus it’s so slow the instant distraction is very tactical.

I am too far away from tryko for that to be an option right now.

I have no problem with the dinosaurs going to sit at the counter as long as they tip well! The counter waitresses work hard! The long necks are banned from the counter as they constantly knock over the condiments

Counter atack dinos are my favourite ones so iff you want a good one pick rajakylo or megalosuchus, other usefull one is carnotaurus he can bite very hard since the update
Purrolyth is the one with the bigger damage off all, its amazing the damage he can do but he die way too easy cus he lack hp badly he cant survive 2 hits no matter the dino he is facing

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