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Best counter for Entelomoth?

I didn’t see many of them last time. This time? They’re all over the place and now I see why people think it’s OP.

But enough of that. Are there any decent counters to it (other than another Entelomoth)?

IndoG2 is your best bet. It can kill a moth even when its set up.

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Like @bobbymcfeen said, indoG2 probably the absolute best (accessible) answer.

Umm indo and Phorusaura are your best bets also indom if you can dodge twice

Thanks all. Shame I haven’t had Indo2 picked in 5+ battles, go figure.

Another decent one I know of is phora. However, what happens is that moth takes out a creature and phora revenge kills (If moth is sped up with MF, go sidestep. If Moth bellows, then you cleanse the slow and get a free dodge and then rampage it next turn). Indo gen 2 is the best counter to it. The only other possibilities are Indom (impact cloak rampage) and allosino (crit on an impact and predict a bellow). But it’s still tough to beat. Even a set up mammotherium loses

Such things like both indos and indoms, Pho, Gemini, Ardont and Max can kill a entelomoth. However, the true star to the entelomoth counter goes to Tenrex, because the rest would need RNG and good predictions, Tenrex can just straight up go for SS and then DSR to finish off the Moth.

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I think he meant for the tourney

I listed some legendaries DW.

Oh, here’s another counter: tarkus. Rampage turn 1. Now, the problem is the prediction. If you go ID and they go MF, you lose, but if they go MF and you go Strike, then you win.

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I just duel it with Indo2. They seem cut out to do battle with each other.

I’ve had way more issues with Phorusaura honestly. I have no good answer to that stupid scaly bird and I see it in every round.

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Phorasura comes in…

Me laughs in allosino.

Although seriously phorasura, indo and moth are just the absolute kings of the tournament

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phorusaura’s weakness is armored stunners and slowing definite creatures. Monosteg may be useful.

Went and checked counters not looking good lol

The problem with phorasura it can just run then come back in and just rinse and repeat. And it really been my best Dino besides indo of course cause cautious + :infinity: is the best and most effective strategy in the game.

Don’t forget Ardont is a honorable mention, can beat a IG2, Moth and Pho with a little luck of that 20% crit :muscle:

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Actually not always for indo I found the best way to kill it which in indo very ardent battles my indo always wins is CS turn 1, ES turn 2 then MF turn 3 and finally DSR turn 4 with moth you want to do PFS first then MF and just try to get a Crit or you’ll at least hurt it severely. With phorasura the best that worked for me is Instant, sidestep, then rampage and run if that doesn’t kill it will leave open for you to just come back in and finish it off

That’s why I said “with a little luck of that 20% crit”.

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Ik for moth but indo is supposedly a 100% chance but that’s technically not true