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Best counter for Procera in tournament?

I’m having serious problems with Procera in this tournament. I just can’t seem to find a counter, and it’s taking down at least 2 dinos at a time if I don’t have mine selected.

Any suggestions?

One on one I don’t think there is any… It usually takes two creatures… Earlier today I’ve beaten one without losing any of mine, because I swaped to Edmonto… took a hell of a damage, but after I took it out, I swapped out with regeneration


I would suggest using Edmontoguanadon. It won’t count Procera alone, but it has high health and that Regen and Run

Also, know the typical progression of moves, as you can usually plan when to swap or not.

Instant Distract -> Distracting Rampage -> Instant Distract/Null Strike -> ID/NS -> Distracting Rampage

Monty can take the first two moves just fine, and then Regen and Run. So get off two Superiority Strikes, then swap in someone else.


Amargocephalus. Just keep spamming the Impact moves and it should eventually do enough damage. You can also throw up the Instant Invincibility when they go for the rampage move.


My Edmontoguanadon just beat chicken 1v1.

They played it wrong and evasive while I nulled.


Thanks all. I’m going to try both Edmonto and possibly Armargo (since one of my team members is barely able to keep afloat in this tournament).

I just discovered Purutaurus wins 1 on 1 (without the Rampage avaiable for Procera). Go for the protection on the first turn and then just keep using cleansing


That’s what I’ve been doing. Though I did have one match when I had both Puru and Purro and just swapped between the two, was a little mean honestly. But I got a kick out of it. Purro healed upon each swap in too. :laughing:

That was before I was top 250 though, so I’m not messing around too much now.


i was predicting this, hahaha.

yoshi would be a monster for this creature pool.

and for so restricted tournament, would be defined by who has procera selected more in battles.

as thors and dracos in boost meta arena.



Yep… this basically shows (again) how unbalanced Procera is compared to others of its rarity… It’s like using a Unique or Legendary among Epics… There’s just one or two that can take it down but not without taking some serious damage, so even those aren’t proper “counters”

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Exactly. That’s how I handled Procerathomimus last time too.

Yeah I thought this tournament was going to be the best yet… oh I was wrong. Who gets their procera wins. When you go 15 battles without it you are truly shafted.

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We had this one already… And nothing has changed… It was the same 17 creatures. If they planned to do it again so soon, at least they should have given us more hybrids to choose from in 1.8…

Hey @Arnold - long time. Curious as to how you play it, I benched my lvl 23 glass-canon Proc when they killed Evasive. Would love to know your play-style so I could put it back on the team. Loved this little chicken in the old days.

Procera is still a beast even without using evasion… Especially in this tournament… In normal arenas it just has to be at a higher level than your everyday Uniques… And boosted enough, of course

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I’m actually finding Sarcorixis more of a problem than Yoshi. Also the battles take forever!!! Especially with the Eddie Regen and Run

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I just bleed Sarco and that’s enough to make it weak to any faster creature that comes next… It’s only a problem for me when I don’t have any left (or selected)…

Another Procera

From what ive seen so far, Amargo does well, Sarco does well if it doesnt get distraction spammed, and Gorgo does well if youre already boosted up and use cleansing impact if they dont nullify (and if they use evasive, get the full damage)

Its pre-nerf Monomimus, but a rarity lower, faster, and even more obnoxious