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Best counter to Thorn

Hi Everyone,

Since basically I am facing boosted Thorns every match, which dino is the best counter? I find Purutaurus works well but I need another great counter to it too any suggestions?

For me its going to be Spinotasuchas, Suchotator, and Utahsino. Other things are cloak+rng from Erlidom, Indoraptor, or even Indominus. Utahsino can be decent against it. Since it has distraction and also has the priority stun. If Thor is boosted we need these dinos at a decent level and to be boosted also.


I have Utahsino but usually they out speed me with Thorn also when I use Distracting Thorn always Critical hits.

I mostly use Spinotasuchas against Thors so I can make it bleed and make it use its priority. But like I said we have to apply boosts to these dinos. So Thor can’t out speed them. Spinota and Utahsino have higher speeds to begin with, a few boosts will put them over boosted Thor speeds. And both of these dinos need a few health boosts too.

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Basically what Six said.
I prefer Utahsino with some attack and speed boosts against Thor.
If that’s not available, I do love the Erlidominus Cloak and guaranteed Rampage kill. But you have to survive a couple dodges to land it.

A boosted rinex or utahsino should do the trick. Just get the speed past 145 with tier 2 health and attack boost. That should beat most boosted thoras that are no more then a level or two higher.

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Yeah good idea^

I’m still over here saying Thorn atm xd

Thanks guys have to boost my Utahsino then.


Try swap-in-bleed.

Thanks that could work too.