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Best counters to Indoraptor Gen 2

Everyone has faced an Indoraptor Gen 2. It is one of the most annoying dinosaurs in the game, appearing almost unbeatable at times. So here’s a list to give you some relief!

  1. Keratoporcus: Keratoporcus is one very terrifying pig. It can decelerate or bleed Indo Gen 2, and then pull the definite rampage. It’s not a guaranteed kill before Keratoporcus dies, however.

  2. Mammotherium: This cenezoic beast is one of the best legendaries in the game. With its already high attack and persistent ferocious strike, it can bring around 2,000 damage turn one (unboosted). With definite Rampage it can one shot Indoraptor Gen 2, and kill it off (if it doesn’t do cautious strike).

  3. Entelochops: Entelochops can do mutual fury, helping it out speed Indoraptor Gen 2, then it can hit it with DSR or Decelerating Impact. It may not be able to kill it, but it will lower its health significantly.

  4. Phorosaura: Easily one of the best legendaries in the game, Phorosaura can potentially kill Indoraptor Gen 2. It could either do instant rampage, or superiority strike and then one of its rampages, or sidestep to survive. There’s many scenarios it could go by.

  5. Suchotator: Suchotator, the ultimate Indoraptor Gen 2 killer. It can go for lethal Wound first turn, leaving Indoraptor to die in the next 2 turns. Indoraptor Gen 2 couldn’t dare to do it’s mutual fury because Suchotator would just kill it with nullifying impact. Suchotator is the perfect counter to Indoraptor Gen 2.

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Other counters include:

  1. Spinoconstrictor: Has a favorable match up. It is immune to distraction and can bypass evasive. Its wounding counter and exploit wound can put a hurt on indo. She can loose, but the win will mostly be in her favor. she will end up with less than half hp.
  2. Gemini: she’ll win the match up no matter what. High health and high damage. Access to null strike, decel rampage and definite shield advantage.

I know they are made with exclusive dna, but they should still be listed as an option.


Mammotherium and entelochops lose to indo gen 2. Mammotherium only has a 25% chance to beat it and entelochops Can’t because any move it does turn 1 allows Indo to use MF and then rampage it. The creatures that can usually kill it are as follows:
Indom gen 2

And for “most annoying creature in the game”, I would say that title goes to entelomoth. I hate that thing


I found Tryko to be an effective counter to piggy. Just eat the first hit, then it becomes a gamble for Piggy: Will Tryko use ID or not? If yes, Mutual Fury ensure Piggy’s win - but DSR will get Piggy killed. If no, Mutual Fury ensures his own demise - but DSR wins. Fun little gamblegame. :smiley:

Regarding Indoraptor: Thylacotator, Mammolania and Procerathomimus work. Magnapyritor works if Indoraptor G2 is already sped up.

Base levels, thylo loses, but it benefits from boosts more than a majority of creatures, and it loses more counters. As for tryko vs entelomoth, tryko is basically dead after the matchup. The only creature that really gets away unscathed is Indo, and even then it could end badly

Thylacotator using Lethal Wound on the initial strike will ensure that either Indoraptor dies, he swaps out or he’s left at ~700HP (assuming lvl26, no boosts).

Regarding Piggy, I agree. It’s a tough one no matter what.

Ardonto is a good counter

The best counter is to delete it from the game’s files.


ardentismaxima is a very good counter, but I see that very few know how to use it !!! in the first turn you have to use the final blow !!!

Sorry, definite strike