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Best creature for Advance Eagle strike tower

Any suggestions on which creatures are most effective on the two Eagles and Orion?

resilient moves. possibly tryko and dio.


I used Stegodeus and Utarinex.

Orion came out first which I wasn’t expecting.


I beat it with Tenontorex and my faster Quetzorion.
Be careful, turns out the AI Quetzorion is smart enough to shield on resilient and then sidestep to cleanse and block rampage.

Tryko, easy win

I used Brachi and Rixis

Just use creatures with resilient strikes and it’s an easy win.


I got a clean sweep using Orion

All I needed was a single level 21 unboosted tryko

Didn’t even take a single hit

And the rewards were very good.


Took it down with just a tryko. didn’t get much of anything other than the eagle, but 500 of that is welcomed.


I managed to take it down with Stegodeus, Thordor and Indom. Level 18/21/20.

Mainly the AI did a lot of stupid + some luck at the end is how I beat it.

Seeing if anyone has done this yet and what they used. Still confused by all the new move sets.

i havent. but it looks tuff. have to go against 30 orion

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you’ll want high armor and resilient moves. the eagles are esentially raptors. Orion is the big trouble.
Mine went sidestep then crafty strike.

I used a lv 23 unboosted tryko.

I just did the easy thing and used Maxima. Spammed Resilient Strike :sweat_smile:


Started with a 26 Maxima, Swapped to 26 Monosteg to take out Orion, swapped to 24 Tryko to take-out both Eagles. 3-0. Only boosts on Maxima.

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Thanks everyone! Used Tryk and soloed it. Took one hit.

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I initially experimented and used Erlidom and Spinocon, but Erlidom isn’t good against Quetz of course, and Spinocon is worse now.

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