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Best creature for raids?

I want to start a thread on the raids and get your guys opinion on them. What creatures are best, what is needed to even stand a chance, things of that nature. I think before a group is made they should discuss what creatures they are bringing to the raid so everyone knows what they have and if it will even work. Cause not being able to chat in the lobby is just a pain in the butt.

Well, I haven’t unlocked her yet, but I’ve heard Diorajasaur is a GREAT choice!

There’s a few good choices. Tryostronix, Tuoramoloch, Ardentismaxima, Tenontorex, Diloracheirus, Diloranosaurus are all very good.

For the easier raids Edmontoguanodon, Paramoloch and Tyrannolophosaur are good too.


Sino can be duoed with Edmonto and IRexG2. Done it maybe 3-4 times so far.


Edmontoguanodon is great in the easier raids.


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Baryonyx is a solid choice for any raid as group takedown plus fierce rampage is insane. I’ve paired Bary with Tryos and the duo have incredible power together

While it can’t deal a lot of damage on its own, Irritator now has Ready to Crush and Group Takedown. It’s probably the creature best at buffing the team’s damage.


I know it a little greedy but how did you go about this

Well, sino can’t clear cloaking. Paired with a couple of well timed MF’s and heals has done the trick.


I would say dioraja, it’s very good in any aid.

I’ve been a healer in most raids. Currently using Para but working in levelling Baja to take over the role.

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To what level are you desiring to get your Bajatondon?

It’s very simple actually. One or two healers, preferably with shields also. One for distraction. One to hit hard.

For Epic: Edmontoguana is the best healer, and can pretty much go with any other three
For Legendary: Para and Dilora is a dynamic duo that can take any others to victory too
For Mortem: good luck… There are some specific strategies but most need max boosts or close to it
For Unique: Dioraja and Dilorach make it fells like a walk in the park if you play it right

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As high as can for Baja. Only at 18 just now but I’ll keep at it :slight_smile:

For the Epic Raids, I’ve used Gorgosuchus once or twice. It’s good for the group Attack buff and immunity to deceleration. I’ve also ran a team of four that did Suchotator, Carnotarus, and two others.

For Mammotherium, Tyrannolophosaur has been tested once - it’s good when paired with Diloranosaurus and Ardontosaurus.

I forgot how I helped defeated Smilonemys… But Toura helps there too. All I remember is that I used Toura ;_;
Oh, and a Trykosaurus.

Quick question.
Has Mr M. Rex been beaten by teams all less than lvl 30.
My highest Lvl beastie is indominus at lvl 27. Everything else I have is 25 or under.
I’m getting invites to join raids and am always happy to help out but just wondering if it’s a waste of time at this level (always fun battling the big guy though).



Yes, it has. In fact, most people seem to agree that 27-28 is the absolute lowest you should go in terms of level. At least, if you wanna have a somewhat easier time with it. I think some people have gotten away with one teammate going lower than that.

25 and 27

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