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Best creature to battle Magnapyritor?

I am having difficulty battling high speed boosted Magna, since this creature is almost immune to anything what best works against it? the only 2 creatures I have in my team who can put it down are a highly boosted Maxima and Phorusaura (thanks to instant rampage) anything else?

Tryko with high HP, maybe gemini, or a faster Erlikospyx.

Depending on the numbers obviously but always found erlidom wrks great. If u can speed up to get faster then kill it no problem.

Thanks my Gemini is Level 27 but due to the nerf I didn’t boosted it and it sucks now. Magna is my official OP dino in this meta :slight_smile:

Extremely speedy Magnas are really hard to deal with. But at least Null Impact has 2 cd now, meaning dodgers are a bit better against him. You can also use bulky Maximas. If a Magna is mostly speed boosted, he probably doesn’t have enough HP to deal with Maxima in two turns

No one mentioning Quetzorion?
Tenontorex can do pretty well too, but mind games. It can reliably take out around half of Magna’s HP.

TenRex move order:

  1. Distracting impact
  2. Lesser Group Heal
  3. Defense Shattering Rampage

Ah yes, Magna’s loss of Immunity to Distraction means it can’t 2-hit KO Tenontorex anymore. My bad.
Yeah, Tenontorex is very good against it.