Best creatures in game

Okay here I’ll be listing on my personal opinion what I think are the best creatures in game and the explanations. They will be ranked from worst to best.
Tied for #10

What? How could the once immortal Testacornibus have fallen this low? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, the introduction of Indotaurus didn’t benefit it at all, and the nerf to the counter power heal didn’t help either. Plus it can be stunned by a Toxic Quills from Scorp Gen 3. Plus the loss of some pin resistance made it more vulnerable to Grypolyth. And lastly, its megahybrid Arctovasilas just completely outclasses it in almost every way.
Despite this Testa is still a great tank with amazing armor and powerful hits as well as lots of heal abilities. However, the use of Testa is declining quite rapidly in Nublar Shores, and it looks like the golden age of Testacornibus is coming to an end.
Tied for #10
The always reliable Monolorhino has been the top end swapper for a long time, but, like Testacornibus, it appears that its dominance is coming to an end. What Monolorhino has going for it is decent damage and health and its amazing resistances. While it does ok against everything, it doesn’t really do great against anything. Unfortunately, it’s just outclassed by Parasauthops. Monolorhino use is decreasing, and while Monolorhino hasn’t been nerfed, the introduction of a better swapper started its downfall.

Gorgotrebax is currently the best pure cunning and non fusable apex in JWA. With a nearly unblockable rampage and two abilities to speed up, it’s a hard hitter with surprising good bulk for a cunning and good resistances. It is also the best Indotaurus counter in the game. However it has a poor turn 3 and can’t deal well with armored tanks like Skoonasaurus and Testacornibus. The newly released Ankylos Lux could also cause some problems.
If there’s one creature that doesn’t want to die, it’s Parasauthops. With two amazing healing moves, Parasauthops is a beast in raids. In PVP battles, it’s powerful swap in attack can deal 2800 attack at level 30 when properly boosted. With a cunning group attack and a resilient rampage it can deal with many top meta threats, but it struggles with shields and armor. The only reason it can’t climb even higher is its below average resistances.
Spinoconstrictor isn’t great for what it does, but rather what it can counter. It’s a 100% counter for both Scorpios Rex Gen 3 and Phorurex. While it can’t pierce armor, it can bypass it with bleed to take down resilients, dodge and distract big hits from fierce, and with distraction immunity and precision, easily counter cunnings. It’s a safe option in general but runs into trouble with creatures that are immune to bleed, like Monolorhino, which is its most hated enemy.

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I don’t really consider Testa and MRhino anymore, but gotta admit I always had Parasauthops as a solid 6th at least.

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It was #6 before 2.12 and 2.13