Best Cunning

Ok so now it is 2.9 where Uthrenex got a good buff and now share the same stage with the boss Erlicospyx!!! Now my question to u guys, who is now the best Cunning in the game?

(Many of u may think why I did brought gorgo or compy cuz I took the cunning Vs cunning consep over here, and this two basically can beat almost every other cunning)

They can’t beat trebax. Who I still believe is the best cunning as it shuts down firece so well.


Indo Gen 2!!

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Hmmm I would say spyx is number 1 but utarinex comes second. Spyx can constantly spam 1.5x attacks and 2x while keeping its enemies attack down. Utarinex even tho it doesn’t have a lot of armor any armor is still useful also with its R&R and IC I think its also a very good cunning to have.


Cunning-fierces count too?


Only pure cunning

Spyx does.

Oh, ok so…The best cunning is Compsognathus (regular one and gen 2 and hybrid)

It depends on fierce moves

Such a good one. If it was an unique with that speed.

Indo gen 2 would’ve been no joke . It is such a good feirce killer.

Oh yeah I still believe spyx is the best. Cuz that many distraction is nothing to be forget easily.

And the abilities of compies


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And also how to type? I mean not replies

Head on? Not always. And trebax has the benefit of not being put in snipe range by a big hit from fierce. So what if spyx can beat trebax? Doesn’t mean it’s better.

Can you give an example?

Example of what?

Spyx can beat all other cunning not to mention it also beat any feirce and that gorgo beat where gorgo also make it’s way till the end but had to make it’s stop Infront of spyx.

U might be thinking oh why utha, utha does gets beaten by gorgo but beating something else like tryko and Cera, I gave it a bonus point :slight_smile:

Gorgotrebax #1 with erlikospyx a close #2.