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Best Custom Trades


Just wondering what everyone’s best custom trade deals are

So far I have only worked out that

Coins seem to be better for loyalty points than for DB
Booster cards seem to be better for DB

What have you found gets you the best deals to trade for:


Does anyone custom trade buildings? What have you got the best deals on?



I only trade for dinobucks.
Dollars against bucks gives you 80 to 100 bucks, not very satisfying. I once traded a VIP building, which was also disappointing, I think normal buildings are worse, but I did not try.
Good are the 8 block booster (roundabout 250 bucks) and the Apatosaurus fossil which brings between 170 and 250 bucks.


@Sionsith did a great and detailed workup on custom trades. It’s the first post I bookmarked so I could find it more easily.

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Thanks both

That link to Sionsith’s assessment is great! It doesn’t include booster cards though, I daren’t try anything other than 8 cards in case I don’t get as good a deal or can’t trade multiples of lower value cards, but at the moment I have so many 8 cards its not a concern (but I’m getting rid of them at a rate due to the good DB return)

In the standard trade harbour I always trade coins for 2 x 8 booster cards so I can keep up my levels now the daily missions have excluded the raptor training

my most treasured resources are points, DNA, DB in that order. Now Ive unlocked Gorgosuchus and Dakoderma, DNA is more important to me than it was before, as I cant get enough amphibians and cave creatures.


He does have data on booster cards. The "B"s are boosters. He has data from all four levels of boosters and to the level four boosters.

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face palm.

Im a if-I-dont-get-it-immediately-I-pretend-I-haven’t-seen-it-kinda person

I thought that was categories of creatures!!

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Categories of creatures there as well, and to be clear those are offer averages I received through standard trades in the trade harbor. Depending on how many coins I have on hand when the custom trades come around I burn them for either Aquatic or Cenozoic creatures if I have more than 50 mil coins and then once below that I trade boosters for bucks.

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Going to try coins for cenozoic today - exciting!!!


As long as I have more than 50 mil coins I have a chance at getting a legendary, otherwise it will usually be a super rare for 20-25 mil coins. At least that has been my experience, I will switch back and forth with aquatic creatures depending on what I am working on at the time.

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Great thanks. Got an hour before custom trade, am actually hoping for a doedicurus as I haven’t unlocked any Cenozoic hybrids and that’s my closest chance at an unlock.


This morning I got two legendaries and a super rare from doing my three trades


Had 82,000,000 and got 3 x synthetoceras for about 60,000,000, which is good, but I am just evolving a level 40 synth at the moment and is really the last Super Rare I’d have chosen. Bah.

If I saw 3 synth for 60m coins on Trade Harbour I’d have snapped Chanya’s hand off so need to stop grumbling


That is the most common one I get when I do Cenozoic and get Super Rare, that was the Super Rare I got this morning.

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any other creatures crop up commonly across all categories that you’ve noticed?


Does anyone know what’s the best resource to trade for VIP points?


Seems to be coins for best value, and tournament creatures for best volume of loyalty points.

I always go for coins.

Going back to coins for points as im much better getting 10,000 point packs than super rare cards as trades


Seems to be coins traded for points as best value and for tournament creatures to get the biggest volume of points

I always go for coins

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