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Best deal out there!

X10 as well. Well done Ludia on this fantastic offering!

I sense the sarcasm is strong in this one,


I thought the same, because if it isn’t sarcasm you can see why Ludia do this kind of thing.

Any player can now buy 1,000 unique dna, which should balance the whole arena shouldn’t it?


1K random unique dna. hrmmm. I hope its all touromoloch.


Imagine spending £1,000 on 1,000 dna and getting all Tuoramoloch :rofl:


Turns out it is all Stygidaryx :rofl:

Go Ludia go!

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Yeah allow me to do some dancing on street corners or better yet I will perform with my guitar to serenade the public while they fill my guitar case with cash and loose change. This way I can make this purchase that I am oh so pining for. :roll_eyes:

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Could the first person who spends £1,050 or $1,380 on this offer please come onto this thread and tell us all whether it was worth it?

I’m thinking of taking out a loan to take advantage of this one :wink:


Look at the OP’s picture again. It’s only 100 DNA, not 1,000! That makes it even MORE of a joke! :rofl: :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face: :poop:

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It will never be worth it. Those who spend will not want to gamble.on having more DNA they dun need aka dinos they already have at lvl 30.

This is for those who wanna jump start their teams but even then 100 DNA isnt enough to make a unique. So would be sad to have 100 DNA of 10 different creatures or worse 50 DNA of some and 100 DNA of others.

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Its 2 stacks of 50 DNA too.


I believe OP is referring to the 10 available purchases of 100 dna each, adding up to 1000.


Why is everything so expensive… Not all of us are on a ludia salary guys, please think about us normal wage earners and you might get people to buy more stuff.


Amen to that! PoGo actually has TRUE MICROtransactions, and they are almost always in the top 10 most grossing on Google Play. There’s absolutely NO reason why PIXELS need to be so expensive! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If this game fails, it will be because of Ludia’s greed and shortsightedness.