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Best Dino’s for level less than 10 player

Any advice on the best Dino’s for pvp for a player that is less than level 10?


Ornithomimus is pretty godly against non-Resilient creatures. Beyond that, Carbonemys is decent, Spino Gen 2 is okay, Ankylocodon is okay, Raptor will work as a decent revenge killer, Thylacoleo is solid, Purutaurus is good.

That said, I am seeing a little bit of a problem with your roster there. You’ve got a lot of creatures leveled up that don’t really need to be leveled (at least not yet). It’s ultimately your choice, but I think you’ll find that a lot of people recommend not leveling creatures beyond whatever level they need to hybridize–doing so is sinking a lot of coins & DNA into something that could be easily replaced with a good hybrid. For example, Diplocaulus at level 15 is pretty excessive, as is a level 14 Bronto. Scutosaurus at 13 isn’t a total waste since it’ll likely get a hybrid at some point and will be either 15 or 20, but I wouldn’t be dropping lots of coins on it right now. Ultimately if you like some of these creatures, then it’s up to you, but I would recommend saving coins & DNA and going for hybrids, many of which will supplant the Common, Rare, & Epic non-hybrids currently making up your team.