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Best Dinos from 1.6


Hello everyone!

I have a team of level 20-23’s dinos and tons of DNA to invest (and just a few coins).
Do you guys have any guess on what should we invest after the new 1.6 patch? I’ve heard a lot abou Utahsino but I’m not sure… I can do Thor too but only can invest in one of the Sino mergers.

Your ideas?

Thank you


I’m trying to make thor as well, so I’ll recommend that over rinex. But having said tat, rinex got some stats changes in 1.6(not necessarily nerf) , so u might want to chk out release notes b4 committing, n also need to consider wats your play style like.

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I think stygydaryx is op dino in 1.6
Because it can cleanse and swoop,lethal swoop,instant invicibility

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