Best Dinos to Dart

In my opinion they are:

  • Common: Apato and Stego
  • Rare: Kaprasuchus and Nodosaurus

I mean the dinos with whom I can get lots of direct hits. So, the question is:

“What about Epics? Which is, in your opinion the best Epic dino to dart?” (Based on your experience)

Definitely Ankylosaur.


C:velo, R:utahraptor

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Of course velo, I forgot him :see_no_evil:

All of them. There is no reason not to dart everything you can find.

Anky and Kentro are both easy to dart as far as epics go.

Had my best common today, first time getting all direct hits. Mono g2. I think not caring about or particularly wanting the DNA helped :ok_hand:

Of course, it’s just curiosity