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Best dinos to use ”speed boost” on?


What dinos are the best ones to use speed boosts on?

All suggestions are welcome :pray:

Things that cant be decelled easily or at all mainly. Then your cunnings so they’re faster than nitro thors and mortems

mrhino surprisingly, has faced a few faster than my thor (133) at 138 (in gyro).
Pretty effective imo, as least against my team lol.

Gorgotrbax, compyC, magna. Those I would say are “worth” it

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Thyla, scorp g3, compyc

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Erlidominus, Mortem (but only insofar as PvP goes)

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Epic Erk, mine has 10 boosts and is one of my best in the arena team I have in the aviary.

Isn’t Spyx better in every way though?

In a straight up fight with the same levels both boosted I’ve never lost to a spyx with my gamma, It has more health but trash moves.

Gamma only has one rampage. Spyx has better resistances, two rampages on revenge, much more health, a better crit chance, and more damage.


Scorpius gen3 and magna: allow us to introduce ourselves

I would hands down say monolorhino is the best thing i’ve put my speed boosts into

Monorhino is hands down one of the best to speed boost. That way he can distract and shield against opponents before they can hit him. Also because of his 75% deceleration resistance when he gets slowed he’s still fast.

I run mine at 140 speed, so slows down to 124. This means he’s faster than most of the sped up tanks and most tenonto etc. I may boost him to 145 just to outpace nitro Thors. Tryko is a death sentance for most rhinos, but if you’re still faster after a deceleration you can distract him. Same goes with ardent.
As for those nitro Thors you can swap him in, get a free hit and then start distracting. If you can guess when he’s going to instant charge, instant shield, you’re faster.

More speed = more health because you take less unprotected hits

More power to you man, but I hate fighting mrhino! lol, and not to mention I’ve pumped most of my mono g2 into scorpio g3.

I have to agree on monolorhino. I run mine at 144 (126 once slowed) and it has great survivability if it doesn’t straight win the matchup. Not sure I will get it to 146 though as nitro thors are almost extinct.

I would not really speed up scorp gen 3 since it can increase its own speed with instant ambush or its swap in move

He only has 2 attacks… most EVERY dinosaurs with limited attacks gets bigger attacks. But instant distraction? Cloak? Almost every dinosaur expels them. Gamma speeds up, distracts 75%, hit and runs, and rampages… oh yeah… and is faster sooooo… I rampage before spyx. Apparently I’m missing this advantage he has.