Best Dinosaur against testa

I wouldn’t say it, but the best dinosaur(s) is actually thor and wholly rhino because look, testa should be in lockdown (if not use gypro first and pray to god that it doesn’t swap out) and then use thor take a bunch of health for one move, then the last lockdown move should go to the rhino as it has swap in counter and you can use a really good move too.

Not sure if I fully understand.

But do not really get the point of Thor and WRhino. While Thor might work, it is completely useless in the current meta. So ideally you do not even have it in your team :slight_smile:
And WRhino really is a terrible idea…

But Testa anyhow is not that good anymore. Now gets countered by a lot of creatures really easily. Grypo, Monorhino, Skoona, Entelolania, Phorurex, IndoT, Arcto, AnkyLux…


Im going to say this

Testa has on escape heal

Theres always a chance it will survive the swap in

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Testa will just tank the swap in because of the heal, and Dig In can cleanse lockdown so as soon as Testa feels in trouble or in swap in range, they’ll just go for it to get out asap.

dude i beat gaming beaver with a team of only epics. there was a testa. subscribe 2 powerful rubbish :slight_smile:

You wanna beat testa? Use Albertospinos


of course. i knew that but i was talking about using old dinosaurs


Thylacotator or a weirdly boosted Marsupial Lion

thycaleo (nickname is Leowook) leo from thyca-leo and wook for it looks weird

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I’m subscribed to him
Like that he uses whatever he e likes instead of the current meta
However the best counter to testa is albertospinos


Why do I feel like your lying


They both lose to testa lol, dig in screws them over

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I don’t really get what you’re trying to say :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, but I noticed that you said you should swap prevent Testa with Grypolyth before sending in Thor, and the problem is that Grypolyth is already one of the most reliable Testa counters, so why would there be a need to sacrifice Grypolyth for Thor?

I can’t even say Thor is a “good counter” for Testa either, as a swap to Phorex or Scorpius, and even Skoona most the time screws it over completely.

Woolly Rhino would be a nice swap in against Testa, but on escape minor heal exists so…


Bruh Testa isn’t as hard to counter then you think just use a chomper or render and you won’t have an issue.

and Dio too :slight_smile: