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Best Epic in the Tournament

The epic/common (although no one is gonna use commons) tournament has been live for a couple hours, and I was wondering who everyone thinks is top dog. I personally say sarco, with Indom gen 2, brontolasmus, and entelochops not far behind. However, what are your thoughts?

the best creature is the best creature you can use. :rofl:

This stupid thing: entelochops

It must have come out when I was not playing, because I do not have it and keep losing to it. Honestly, I have never even seen it before and did not even know it existed.

Awesome, yet another tournament I will make it in the top 500 only to watch as I get pushed back to the 1000’s.

Use Indom gen 2 or purutaurus. Those 2 do well with chops. Allo gen 2 100% wins even when it has revenge

Yeah I have indom g2, allo g2, and puru all on my team. Along with thyla, diplod, sarc, and my wildcards right now are velo and carbo, but I keep changing those…sometimes I have maia, sometimes I use that deer. But that entelochops just wrecks everything for me as they of course pull it out at the perfect time.

Cloak just destroys chops

Top? Probably Rixis indeed.

Other powerful ones are Indom G2, Chops, Purut, Thylac, Lasmus, Allo G2…
…and Woolly Rhino. Seriously, try him. 1500 damage SiSS, Resilient Impact, Shielded Strike and 2 turn Invincibility and bulk make him insanely good. And when he’s finally going to die, you can always swap out and do one more SiSS (and maybe even another move if stun lands and you’re faster).
Seriously, this guy dwarfs Sino and Stegoc in everything


Using him. Put him on as soon as I read there were epics in this tournament. Had an Indom use MF on my sarco after an impact. Rhino took out the rest

Sino yes. Stegocera, no. Stegocera can kinda fight sarco because it can speed up and stun it, but sino is the worst of the 3

I wouldn’t say that…it does usually beat it though. For instance, just had a battle where chops took my Indom down to 1200 setting it up for death on the next turn.

Just cloak turn 1. The odds of chops winning that matchup is 1/16.

There is also Dimodacto. Swap in Wound + Cleansing Swoop = Takedown. He’s unpinnable too

Yeah, of course. To me though, something destroying something else means they are left on the field with the ability to continue fighting. IndomG2 certainly beats chops, but it usually for me at least is useless after that.

I have dactylus on the bunch, but with Indom and allo immune to bleed and many tanks having access to high damage and decel moves, I’m hesitant.

Indom has kinda lost some speed and is really a “one and done” creature, but it’s still needed to do well

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indom actually now has 20% crit instead of 5%